Cpen Network Review: Is Cpen.io Mining Legit?

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Cpen network review

Cpen Network is a web3 mobile application that is still in the works. Currently, users can accumulate the cpen digital currency by downloading their mobile application and mining on a daily basis. But as a potential miner or user of the app, there are certain questions such as, when will cpen token be launched?, is cpen mining Legit or scam? and many others may be running through your mind and this cpen Network Review, is aimed at answering some of these pertinent questions.

In this article, we will be reviewing, cpen Network, a web3 mobile application that claims to be the future of web3 with a bigger dream of being more than just a mining app to a social medium built on crypto for users to utilize. Without wasting much time and also not to bore you with too much text, let’s get down to the main purpose of writing this article proper.

About Cpen Network

Cpen Network is a mining application at the moment and as a user, you can accumulate free $pen token which they(cpen) claim will be launched to mainnent in the first quarter of 2026. This is basically what cpen Network is about at the moment but they have a much bigger goal; one that everyone is oblivious as to whether it can be actualized or not.

According to the information on their X page (formerly Twitter) cpen Network primary aim is to develop the mobile app into a social media platform rather than just a digital mining app or a digital currnecy. They visualize a situation whsreby people use cPen to share their stories, ideas, thoughts on any topic making use of not just text, but pictures and videos.

Additionally, cPen also plans to expand into various other sectors such as the payments and e-business, integrating them with $pen.

How to Start Mining On Cpen.io

How to start mining on cPen network

Firstly, you need to download Cpen application from either Play store or Apple store depending on your device OS. Use gistrealz as referral code.

After downloading the app, simply sign up with your details, a link to verify email will be sent to you, click on it to confirm account creation and then you can login to start mining the cpen token.

You have to login every 24 hours to restart the miner. So it needs some level of discipline in order for you not to miss any day.

How to Boost mining Rate On Cpen

How to increase cPen network mining rate

The mining rate is kind of low upon joining but you can increase your mining rate when you refer users to download the app and sign up using your link/code. If you want to get your referral link or code, click on the three lines at the top left corner, then on Team.

There you will see your team members or people you referred and underneath, you will find your referral link. Copy and share to friends and for every referral, your mining rate increases.

cPen Network Review – Is Cpen.io Mining Legit?

Now here is the main question of the day and a very important one as long as this cPen network review is concerned because every miner would like to know if what he’s doing is legit or scam.

Cpen network from the look of things might be legit. Uncertainty is very common in the world of crypto as one can’t decide from the start of a project that a crypto project would or wouldn’t be legit and even though, their roadmap kind of leaves the progress of the project to community building, there is no denying the fact that they have a solid plan in place.

Are there reservations? Well, in most ventures there are potential red flags and in this cPen network review, we will have a look at some of them and if after going through them, you think it’s not worth the stress, you can back out.

Cpen Network Red Flags

  • The roadmap leaves the growth or advancement from phase I to Phase II and other phases at the mercy of users and community. It’s true that projects like this, flourish with combined community development but the roadmap seems kind of faulty.
  • Secondly, phase III which is mainnent will happen in the first quarter of 2026. That’s a long time from now, assuming a user starts mining from now, it will take two years before they advance to phase III. Not everyone can be that patient on a project. That’s another red flag you should beware of.
  • Lastly, the app contains ads. Even though ads have become an acceptable phenomenon in today’s internet, but considering how long the project will take to make sense, placing ads on the mobile apps makes the whole thing sort of spammy. Regardless, it could still be a great project.

When will cPen token Distribution Commence?

According to the roadmap and what the administrators posted on their official Twitter handle, $Pen distribution will commence during the phase II which is happening in 2025. So like ice, users will start receiving token distribution of the Cpen token ($Pen) next year.

It’s stated clearly on the roadmap and on their official Twitter handle. So if you had plans to ignore the project, you may have to give it a second thought.

We’ve come to the end of this cPen network review! Feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting money making updates and reviews.

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