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Cruise TV: Stream Movies and Other Entertaining Programs For Free

One thing we can’t do without is, entertainment. Like the saying goes, “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy“, no matter how busy you think you are or how occupied you are, there is need to make out time and have fun. 

Cruise TV Happens to be the perfect application for entertainment especially for people who can’t really afford to use their data subscriptions to stream movies on youtube or any other paid streaming service. Cruise TV offers users the ability to stream for free using their MTN Sims till 30th of November. So if you have an MTN sim and want to watch movies, listen to latest nigerian songs and much more, don’t hesitate to download Cruise TV app. 
Requirements to Start Streaming Unlimitedly on Cruise TV till 30th of November;
  1. Your Standard Android Phone.
  2. MTN sim card with 0.0kobo balance preferably.
  3. The Cruise TV app which can be downloaded from HERE
  4. Finally, the ability to read and understand perfectly.
If you have all the aforementioned, just turn on your data connection and launch the Cruise TV application, you will be asked to sign in, just click on sign up. 
After clicking on the sign up button, you will be asked to fill a form, just type in your email address, full name and type in your phone number in the box given for ISD Number. Below is a snapshot of how the form looks like

Just fill the form and accurately and submit. Immediately you hit the sign up button, you will be sent straight to the streaming page. You will be then be shown the schedule i.e. the time for each program, action movies, african movie, latest nigerian music etc.
That’s all! Cruise TV is nice but it is also important for you to note that Cruise TV is only free(MTN Users) from 1st November to 30th November, after which all users will be required to pay a certain subscription charge. Below is a snapshot of their subscription packages.

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