DE Wallet Review: How to Earn Upto 10k Doing Simple Activities

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Earn Upto 10k on De wallet.

De wallet is not just a payment application but also a workplace for young entrepreneurs who don’t have anything doing at the moment and would love to earn some cents online. If you are looking for a way to earn money online, then I would suggest you take the information in this piece seriously.

In this post, we are going to be having a look at some ways of earning money on De wallet. You can even make Upto 10k per month if you take the platform seriously, but before we get down to explaining the way of earning money on De wallet, there is need to look briefly at what De wallet is about and some of the application’s features.

What is DE Wallet?

As the name implies, it is an online wallet that provides services such as airtime, data, cable payments or subscriptions and electricity payments both postpaid and prepaid. It works in similar way as many other payment applications you have probably used but it stands out slightly and we are going to find out later.

Some of the features of DE wallet are;

  1. Wallet Funding – you can store funds in the wallet for later use. This means that, you mustn’t transact with any money you add to your wallet immediately.
  2.  Cheap data plans – De wallet offers sales of data at cheap rates depending on the network but it covers the major telecom operators in the country such as MTN, GLO, 9mobile and Airtel. You can buy cheaper data bundles directly on the app.
  3. Cheaper Airtime purchases – as a user, you can also purchase airtime at a cheaper rate and like the data Bundles, it covers most of the telecom operators in the country.
  4. Cable subscriptions and electricity payments could be done on the application without stress. Just fund your wallet and transact with it.

Now having known some of the features, below are the few features a young entrepreneur can leverage to make money online.

How to Make Money On DE Wallet By Doing Some Activities

Data reseller on DE wallet, making money

1. Reseller Services – entrepreneurs can make money on De wallet by becoming data resellers on the Application. How does De wallet reseller services work? With a weekly payment of ₦500 or a monthly payment of ₦1800, you will get access to the reseller services which comes with the following benefits;

  •  Discounts on utility service charge
  • Discounts on airtime and data purchases which creates an opportunity for an entrepreneur to earn money by selling data at cheaper rates to others.
  • No service charge on cable tv subscriptions
  • Access to Benefits and promotions on the App.

So you get to earn money without even having your own knowledge of app development or having a platform of your own. Just utilise the reseller services of DE wallet to make some money selling data and airtime to friends and loved ones.

Earn money on De wallet

2. Referring – DE wallet has the features most people need or are looking for. So what you have to do is refer friends and family members to the application and any referral that funds his or her wallet with at least 1,000 Naira you will be credited with 100 Bonus.

Considering the numerous services DE wallet offers, getting friends and close acquaintances to use the application for their day-to-day payments and transactions shouldn’t be so difficult and at the same time, you would be earning some money. Isn’t that incredible?

How to Start Earning Money On De Wallet?

1. Download DE wallet from Google Play Store and sign up with the code – DEE4UHP.

2. After signing up, you will gain access to the numerous features on De wallet. You can even swap your airtime for cash directly on the app – here is a detailed write-up on how to swap MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9mobile Airtime On DE Wallet 

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