How to Get $1 Instantly On DGTA Exchange (Digitra)

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You can get free $1 instantly on DGTA Exchange by simply creating an account and getting your account verified. This is a new promotion set up by Digitra also known as DGTA to welcome new users to the crypto exchange platform.

In this article we are going to have a look at how to get free $1 instantly on DGTA Exchange. The promo is on for new users who successfully verify their account but before we get down to the interesting freebie aspect, let’s get to know more about Digitra exchange.

About DGTA Exchange (Digitra)

DGTA Exchange is a cryptocurrency platform created for users to save, send and trade crypto assets on a daily basis. It is similar to the top guns in the crypto industry such as binance, kucoin and the rest and it offers highly interesting features as well.

Features of DGTA Exchange (Digitra)

  1. Protected custody – Transactions in Fiat or digital assets must be simple and fast, but above all, safe and for that, has a state-of-the-art protection network. All services and features prioritize one thing only: protecting your money.
  2. Lots of coin and token options- In addition to investing in crypto-assets as an opportunity to diversify your portfolio, at you can choose from over a thousand coins to diversify your crypto-assets catalog as well. From popular currencies such as: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin, Cardano (ADA) to new releases such as NFTs.
  3. Native two-step authenticator – Looking after your account security is a shared responsibility and does its part by creating your own authenticator! You get more protection coverage on your account, without having to download other apps or worry about creating multiple accounts and passwords.
  4. OTC&Private – Investments, institutional or individual, have an exclusive space on, with experts who guide you through all stages of the investment, with privacy and security.

Those are some of the interesting features to look out for while using Digitra exchange. Asides that, they are currently giving 50 DGTA token which is equivalent to $1 to all users who complete KYC.

Documents to Use For KYC Verification

  •  Voter’s Card
  • National Identity Card (Official one not the premium NIN)

The best document you can use to complete KYC on DGTA is the voters card as the verification is often near instant.

How to Get Free $1 On DGTA Exchange (

How to get free $1 on DGTA Exchange (Digitra)

First of all, you need to download Digitra application from either Play store or Apple store. You can download via HERE

After downloading the app, create an account with your real details as KYC will be required. When you are done registering and completing KYC, simply wait till you’re verified.

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KYC verification takes about 10-20 minutes after which you will get a mail confirming the verification and then open the app and you will see the 50 DGTA token in your wallet.

The next step would be to trade the DGTA token to USD and then to doge if you wish to withdraw to another crypto wallet.

How to Trade 50 DGTA token to USD

How to trade 50 DGTA token on Digitra

On your homepage, simply click on “Trade” then click on the search icon at the top right corner.

Trading the free 50 DGTA to usd on Digitra app

Enter DGTA in the search box before you completely type it in, two options will show up. Select DGTA/USD.

DGTA free $1 bonus

Then on the next page, tap on sell and input 50 in the column provided for size. The DGTA token will be converted to USDT and then you will have officially gotten the $1.

How to withdraw the $1 From DGTA Exchange

How to withdraw the free $1 from DGTA Exchange

Simply click on Trade again, then this time around search for Doge/USD and on the next page, select Buy and use the Usd balance to buy the doge.

Wait for some minutes for the money to be converted to Doge and then click on wallet, then on withdraw, paste your dogecoin address and proceed to withdraw the money to your crypto wallet.

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