Does ESUT Have Satellite Campus In Any State? Find Out Now

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Enugu State University of Technology, ESUT

Does ESUT have satellite campus in Nigeria?, Where are ESUT satellite campuses located? ESUT satellite campus in port Harcourt etc are some of the random questions people ask on various social media outlet to confirm whatever they heard about the institution being affiliated with any part-time distance learning programme.

ESUT which is an abridged version of Enugu State University of Science and Technology is one of the notable universities in the state and has also been linked on various occasions to satellite campuses that claim to offer part-time courses and also awarding degrees to students. But then, does ESUT have satellite campuses that award students degrees upon completion of a part-time study?

In recent years, there has been growth of satellite campuses in Nigeria that are affiliated to some state universities. Some people even parade degrees and certificates obtained from these satellite campuses but even as convenient as it may seem to have education right under your nose especially as an elderly person who can’t go for full-time studies any more, scammers and fraudsters have infiltrated the scene as well; claiming to have obtained license to operate a satellite campus under the guise of being affiliated with a popular Nigerian university.

There has been various reports that ESUT has satellite campuses in Port Harcourt and many other states in Nigeria, but this has been debunked by the institution via a publication on their official website. If you have been searching for a satellite campus location being operated by Enugu State Univision of technology, I’d like to inform you that is is non existent and even if you do find any, do well to raise alarm as this is owned by people who just want to extort money from unsuspecting individuals.

Does ESUT have satellite campus In Nigeria?

Does ESUT have satellite campus in any state?

ESUT doesn’t have any satellite campus in any state. This information was passed across to the public via a publication on their official website. In their own words;

Disclaimer: RE: Fallacious Claim of Existence and operation of ESUT Satellite Campus in Rivers State. The attention of the Management of Enugu State University of Science and Technology ESUT, has been drawn to deceptive online Publication by faceless group of people claiming that Enugu State University of Science and Technology ESUT, has established and is operating Satellite Campuses/Branches is some L.G.A of Rivers State of its Part-time, Sandwich and Mature Programmes

You can have a look at the article or publication when you click on this Link.

So anyone telling you ESUT has a satellite campus in any Nigerian state or city be it port Harcourt or any other place is only trying to deceive you. There is no such thing as ESUT satellite campus that awards degrees to students.

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Don’t be fooled! All information pertaining affiliation with or establishment of a satellite campus would be published on the official school website and not being paraded by ordinary people who know little to nothing about the school.

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