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How to get foreign numbers from Temp Number Mod app

The importance of being able to access US numbers and other foreign phone numbers can not be overemphasized. Reason being that there are many online platforms both survey and many other websites that only accept people from foreign countries for which Nigeria is not allowed to access.

As a result of this, having a US and many other foreign numbers means alot to people who are fully engaged or into online activities. I mean you can tweak your address using a VPN but then, the phone number may hinder you from doing what you want to do online. This is where temp number comes in to your rescue, let’s have a brief look at what temp number is all about.

What is Temp Number?

Temp number is an abbreviated form of temporary phone numbers and is a platform that provides users with unlimited disposable foreign numbers. This means that you can access US phone numbers and Upto 15 other foreign countries without hitches. So if you have a verification to complete, you can easily copy one number from the available ones and use for the verification because you also get to access the inbox of the number you copied.

Having known what temp number is all about, let’s get started to know how you can get foreign numbers for online verifications.

How to Get Foreign Numbers For Online Verifications Using Temp Number

1. Download Temp Number Mod Application directly from Google Drive 

2. Install the application and then proceed to looking up the phone numbers of Upto 16 countries. If you have anything online to do with a foreign number and you don’t really have the money to purchase premium phone numbers, you can easily click on any of the phone numbers, copy and use it for the online verification.

It works just as good as any other foreign phone number service but the only difference is that, it is kind of public, so you may notice that many of the numbers have already been used for whatever you intend using it for. That’s the only downside, besides that, you are perfectly good to go.

Why You Should Download The Mod Version of Temp Number

I know you must be wondering why I posted the mod version instead of the main application that is available on Playstore. The reason is that, the mod version as the name implies have been tweaked, there are no adverts on the mod version. You wouldn’t have to skip adverts every now and then with this version.

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Numbers get updated every day, so you will have access to fresh numbers every day for whatever verification you want to do.

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