DragonMaster Game Review – Match Dragons And Get Upto $10 Daily

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DragonMaster game review

DragonMaster is an online gaming app where users can earn free money when they play and also if they are able to refer active friends to play alongside themselves. Dragonmaster was recently shared and posted on various social media and for this reason I thought it wise to write a DragonMaster game review, to further educate my readers about the various aspects of the platform.

Is DragonMaster game legit or scam? How to create DragonMaster account, dragonmaster withdrawal steps and many other questions will be answered in this DragonMaster game review. Since we have a long way to go, let’s get started by introducing the dragonmaster game for people who know nothing about it.

About DragonMaster Game

The dragonmaster game is pretty much a gaming app available on both play store and apple store. Users can earn money by playing the game daily as they accumulate the in-app reward or crypto asset known as the Musdt. Now all you have to do is keep playing the game to accumulate enough Musdt before you can place withdrawal directly to your external wallet.

The dragonmaster game just got introduced to the Nigerian audience some weeks ago, it’s been around for a long while now paying people from other parts of the world. Even though there are various complaints about the app on playstore and other stores.

Dragonmaster Game Review – Is DragonMaster Legit Or Scam?

Incase you are wondering if the dragonmaster game is legit or scam, worry no more. The answer is yes, DragonMaster game is a legit gaming app that actually pays users who play game and reach the minimum withdrawal requirement or amount.

Regardless of the numerous bad reviews about DragonMaster on play store precisely by users who either don’t fully understand the app or who experienced some bugs that have been addressed at this time. Our primary focus in this article, will be to reveal all there is to know about the platform but less focus will be paid to explaining how to play the game as it’s pretty straightforward and easy.

How to Create An Account to Start Playing Game On DragonMaster

How to play DragonMaster game

Firstly, you need to download DragonMaster from playstore and sign up with your details. The sign up process is easy and straight to the point, the only problem you may encounter is the size of the app, which is actually one of the major red flags. We will get to that later though.

After downloading and creating an account, you will be given some startup bonus to enable you play game. Now here is a brief explanation of the gameplay.

On DragonMaster, the most easy way of accumulating the mUSDT is by playing the matching game. To do this, simply drag the dragons that look the same to each other to earn some additional points. You should continue doing this to accumulate more points or money. When you’ve run out of matching dragons on the board, click on the level icon to release more dragons and continue matching them.

To be honest, the reward is usually low but while playing the game you can unveil some cards that could boost your revenue but that would involve viewing ads for some seconds or a minute. Infact, viewing ads is not an option on dragonmaster as that is their main source of income.

How to Earn More Money On DragonMaster via Referrals

How dragonmaster referral program works

If you want to earn the most from dragonmaster, then you have to not just play games actively on the app but also refer if you can. The dragonmaster referral program is very interesting.

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You earn commissions from your referrals and it works in a target system. If you refer active level 1 users, the more they play games the more mUSDT you earn and this starts with a 5,000 Musdt target, if you hit the target in commissions, the reward will be credited to your wallet and can be withdrawn because that’s the minimum withdrawal.

Then you proceed to the second level with 10,000 Musdt target. So your playing the game alone will fetch you money but not as fast as referring few active friends to play with you. I will be very realistic with you in this DragonMaster game review, so it’s left for you to decide whether or not to continue playing or back off completely.

How to Withdraw From DragonMaster Game

DragonMaster withdrawal steps

This is somehow tricky. Ever since I shared the update to my telegram and WhatsApp groups, I have gotten messages from people asking me how to withdraw that they are not able to add usdt address.

Now the thing is, the moment you create an account on dragonmaster metaverse game, they automatically create a wallet for you. You can always access the dragonmaster wallet created for you via this link – https://dragonmaster.co/#/assets/overview now withdrawals made on the app will be moved to the wallet.

Then you can withdraw from the wallet created for you to an external wallet. After withdrawing from dragonmaster Game, hop into the wallet website address posted above. Then login with same details you used in creating an account on the game and then click on the wallet icon as shown in the screenshot below

Locate the matic address and click on receive, copy your address and share to a vendor or send at least $0.10 worth of matic to your dragon wallet matic address. The reason is, gas fee is needed to withdraw the mUSDT Withdrawn to your dragonmaster metaverse wallet.

After sending the matic to the address, copy your usdt address from binance or any other crypto wallet you have and withdraw the money from the dragonmaster wallet. The matic required for withdrawal is less than $0.10, so it can always be used later on for withdrawals.

DragonMaster Red Flags

  1. The application size is very large. Imagine a gaming app being up to 200mb in size. It’s a major discouragement for users and would cause many of your referrals not to register i.e. if you intend benefiting from the referral program.
  2. There are numerous adverts within the app. You will have to view long video ads before you can gain the most from playing dragonmaster. So don’t expect to just play and earn rewards, you have to view ads.
  3. The earning rate is low if you are to stick to the game play without referring. It may take you some weeks to reach minimum withdrawal of 5000 mUSDT.

If you enjoyed this DragonMaster game review, feel free to join our telegram channel but if you have some other question or suggestions, also drop in the comment section.

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