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Opay Business Free money

Earn 500 Naira And As Much As N20,000 Free From Opay Business

Opay business free money

Are you aware that you can earn free money instantly from Opay Business App? You can earn from N500 to 20,000 Naira as long as you have the time and also meet other necessary requirements. The business app designed by Opay runs in the same pattern as Jiji Marketplace and as such, it’s a platform where you trade your products.

But I didn’t bring you all the way here to discuss how to trade on the Opay Business app! We are going to be exploring real money making techniques that will fetch you some bucks instantly or after some minutes. On the Opay Business application, there is a little incentive attached to uploading your own items on the platform and that is where we are going to be paying attention to.

How to Earn Free Money From Opay Business Application

Yesterday, I shared an update on how to get free 1.80GB data on GLO network from Opay Application and many of us signed up on the Opay Application but the good news is that, you will also utilize same app for the purpose of making real life money.

Simply download Opay Application from Google Playstore if you don’t have it already and sign up with your real details. Ignore the upgrade part, you mustn’t upgrade immediately to tier 2.

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✅ After signing up on Opay app, login to your newly created acct and then minimize the app and proceed to Playstore again. This time around to download Opay Business Application – the two apps run on same software, so you don’t have to create a new account on the business app, just sign in with your already existing Opay account and then kickstart the money making process.

Opay business app item

✅ On the main page or let’s say, dashboard of Opay Business app after you have signed in will display a bold option to checkout, tap on it and navigate to Library, on the library page, select add new item and then fill in the name of the new item you intend adding, select a random picture, enter the category and then select an option.

In the option tab, you select Add an Option and also enter random details. All the details you are to enter on the item list should be fake and random information at least for the sake of this looting process. Below is a screenshot of the type of random information you should enter to make the process faster.

Random information on Opay Business app

Then you click on save after filling all the necessary information excluding the optional ones. Per item you save/add correctly, you will get a pop-up notification that you have gotten free N50.

Now, here’s how to accumulate upto 500 Naira with one phone number, simply add 10 items, all of which should contain random, fake information alongside a fake image as well and per acct you add, you get 50 Naira for it totalling to 500 Naira. Opay will credit you with the 500 Naira some minutes after adding the items, one after the other.

How to Accumulate And Earn As Much As 20,000 Naira Instantly

To earn Unlimitedly on the Opay Business Application, all you have to do is create new accounts on Opay and use the same phone number you used in creating the Opay account to login to the business app and repeat the initial steps. Click on checkout – Library, add item and use fake, random information, create an option in the item list and then save to get your N50.

If you have many phone numbers, then that’s good as you can accumulate N500 per phone number and account you use in adding the items.

How to Withdraw your Money On Opay Business Application?

Opay Business Free money

Simply open the Opay app, like I stated earlier, they use same software, so you can still withdraw your N500 on each line via Opay and the money will be sent to your bank account directly! That’s how to Withdraw your money easily!

Guess what? I found out about the update today and I’ve already earned past 8k with all my phone numbers! So don’t play with it at all. Below is a video guide for those who don’t understand the writeup.

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