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Earn As Much As 10,000 Naira By Referring Others to Fairmoney

Here is a Detailed guide on how to earn free money on Fairmoney Application

Are you aware that you can earn as much as 10,000 Naira by just referring your family and friends to Fairmoney Loan Application? Many of us have at one point or the other come across all these online loan application and perhaps discarded them as reputation ruiners’.

It is true that some loan applications take the issue of defaulting on loan obligation to greater extents, fairmoney happens to be one of the reputable loan applications out there and they also operate a normal payment platform like Palmpay, Opay etc. So you must not really use the fairmoney app for just obtaining loans, you can also use it for bill payments, transfers and many other activities online. But that’s not our concern in today’s article, the major concern is on how to earn huge through the revamped and rebranded fairmoney referral package.

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In the month of February, Fairmoney introduced a referral program that aims at rewarding both the referrer and the referred. This means that, if you refer a family member to download and register the fairmoney application, you get rewarded and the family member being referred gets rewarded as well. Below is a proper breakdown on how to start earning huge money from just referring people you know to fairmoney application.

How To Earn Money On Fairmoney Application

Fairmoney free money

1. First of all, you need to have an account on the platform, you can create one by clicking on this LINK

2. Secondly, once you are done creating an account on Fairmoney, you will be rewarded with free 1,000 Naira after obtaining your first loan and repaying the loan. It’s easy, as a new customer, fairmoney won’t ask you to pay any interest on the loan obtained after registration, so all you have to do is register with the link above, it’s necessary and then fill all important information. Obtain a loan of any amount and once you get credited, you repay the loan and then wait for your bonus of 1,000 Naira as a new customer.

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3. It doesn’t end with just receiving the free welcome bonus of 1,000 Naira, you can also refer and get free 1,500 per person you are able to refer to the application and person also gets rewarded with free welcome bonus of 1,000. You also get free 500 discount on your loans for any user referred to fairmoney application, so it’s an amazing program. Below are some screenshot guides on how to refer people to fairmoney.

How to refer on Fairmoney

Login to your account, click on profile and then select the invite friends option and then copy your unique referral link.

Referral program

That’s all, per user you invite to the app, you get free 1,500 and the user gets 1,000. The bonus will be credited to your Palmpay wallet within 7 days. Enjoy!


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