Earn As Much As 30 Dollars Doing Simple Tasks On Cashzine

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Cashzine Application

Are you aware that you can earn as much as 30 Dollars Doing Simple Tasks on Cashzine App? Cashzine is an application that is very much similar to Buzzbreak, all you have to do to earn on the app is read news and earn some coins that can be withdrawn when you get to the minimum threshold.

When you read news, you will earn some coins but the earning is quite poor if you are to stick to the bonuses given for reading news, so in this piece, we are going to be discussing some other ways of earning from Cashzine Application.

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How To Earn As Much As 30 Dollars Performing Simple Tasks On Cashzine

Like I stated earlier, if you stick to the read news, get paid, it might take you one year to accumulate withdrawable earnings. But how can you make this journey faster? You need to refer others. Just follow the instructions below;

1. First of all, download the Cashzine Application From HERE.

Use this code if asked to input a referral code – 54898856

2. When you have downloaded the app through the link above, just sign up using either your Facebook account or Gmail account. You will be given free 8000 coins for being invited.

3. There is an ongoing promotion on the application that rewards all new accts or users with 200,000 points, just screenshot your page with your referral code and submit to them. Below is a screenshot guide

Cashzine free cash

3. Once you’ve submitted your page with your referral code showing, just go back to your profile page and start referring other users if you can’t read news and earn the coins, per person you refer to the application, you get free 20,000 coins.

How To Withdraw Your Free Cash From Cashzine Application

To withdraw from Cashzine Application, you must have at least 400,000 points and to achieve this, you have to refer at least 20 referrals = 20,000 × 20 = 400,000 coins which gives 1,600 Naira. But if you have been rewarded with the free welcome bonus of 200,000 points, you just have to refer 10 people to meet the 1,600 Naira Airtime target.

Cashzine free 30 dollars

You can withdraw 1,600 naira via Airtime or simply refer and perform more activities on the app till you have upto 3 million coins which will give you 30 Dollars withdrawable to your PayPal account. Below is a screenshot guide.

Cashzine free 30 Dollars

Below is a screenshot of the various ways you can cash out your earnings on Cashzine and the withdrawal proof.

Cashzine 30 dollars

Cashzine withdrawal proof

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