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Earn as Much as $80 Monthly Writing Stories on Scooper News App

Are you a writer but lack the audience? Or you are have writing skills but have not seen any opportunity to showcase your skills and earn? Worry no more as Scooper News has provided all Nigerians with skills in writing, the opportunity to earn from their skills.

Before we get deeper into the discussion, what is Scooper News App? Scooper News was formerly known as Eageely News App. It is a content sharing platform that is currently in three countries as at Now, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. Scooper brings to users fresh and trendy news, contents on numerous categories and also viral videos, short comedy skits etc.

Scooper has over 10 Million downloads on Google Play store which is a good sign that they have the audience you need to showcase your writing skills. Now, to the main question of the day, how can a writer earn on Scooper?

First of all you need to prepare your mind that on Scooper, you are not going to hustle or necessarily write things that will fetch you clicks because the money is fixed. All you have to do, is supply nice contents that Nigerians will enjoy and you will get paid.

How to Get Started On Scooper News as a Content Creator;


1. As a writer you claim to be, you must have published stories on other platforms, so what you are expected to do is copy the article you wrote on other platforms. Paste it in Microsoft word and then save.

2. Proceed to register on Scooper as a Content Creator by clicking HERE

3. You will be asked to fill a form, make sure you fill it accurately with your WhatsApp number as well. Below is a snapshot of how the form looks like.


The last option will prompt you to include a pdf, txt or Microsoft word file sample of your previous writing works.


4. When you are done with the registration, just tap the submit button and relax. They usually respond after a day of examining your details and the writing sample you sent to them.

If you pass the test, you will get a mail notifying you, just keep checking your spam box for the mail from newsroom. Below is a snapshot of the mail that will be sent to you after approval.


The link will come with a link to download the Scooper Content Creation application including your login details (don’t ever disclose it).

After that, tap the link, download the Scooper Content Creation application and start submitting your articles and per published article, you receive as much as $0.80, which means 100 articles will fetch you $80 in a month. That’s not bad right?

Now briefly, let me also give you a run down of how to publish articles when you have gotten the Scooper Content Creation application, though it’s self explanatory.

How to Publish articles on Scooper News;

1. Launch the post now application and then login with the details that was sent to your mail. Enter your personal details, including the category you want to stick to; After that you tap on the post button, and enter your title and then start writing in the content box.

Select category you want to post on as shown in the screenshot above.



Scooper has a policy that for every article, you must submit a short video. The video mustn’t be related to the content but just submit a short video, be it 1minute video or two minutes as that enhances the performance of your article.

After writing articles of 300 – 500 words, you proceed to submit the article but then ensure you include three images in the body of the article as that determines the quality of an article.

Proceed to submit the article, select the category once more and also include a thumbnail and then post it. The review editors usually review and publish articles within 3 hours. Once your article gets published your earning gets credited.

What’s the good news? 

Scooper has no limit! You can post 30 articles in a single day that’s if you have no where to go or no appointment to take care of. Just sit down at home and make some bucks. They pay directly to your acct the beginning of every new month.

That’s all you need to know about making money on Scooper News Application. Make money from your comfort zone! Monetise your writing skills! 



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