Bitpapa Telegram Bot: Earn 1,600 Naira & Upto 10k Weekly

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Bitpapa telegram bot payment - earn upto 10k free of charge

Do you know that you can earn 1600 Naira and up to 10k weekly from bitpapa telegram bot. Bitpapa is a P2P marketplace with crypto wallet such as Bitcoin, ethereum, USDT. The platform creates an opportunity for users to open multi-currency crypto wallet for secure transactions in BTC and the aforementioned crypto-currencies.

But the interesting aspect is that, Bitpapa recently launched a telegram bot that rewards every user with 0.00018 BTC which can be sold directly on the bot for 1600 Naira or more depending on the buyer. The good news is that, it doesn’t involve any referral, all you have to do is follow the instructions in this post.

In this blog post as already stated, we are going to have a look at how you can earn 1600 Naira and up to 10k in Naira weekly by simply opening many accounts on the Bitpapa telegram bot.

How to Earn 1600 Naira And Up to 10k Weekly From Bitpapa Telegram Bot

  •  If you want to earn just the 1600 Naira, then you just have to create an account on the bot with your telegram account. It takes less than 2 minutes for you to have a wallet on the telegram bot.
  •  To contact the Bitpapa Telegram Bot simply click HERE to start a conversation with the bot directly on telegram in order to kick-start the registration process. When you are done creating a wallet, it should look like the screenshot below

How to Bitpapa telegram account

  •  After registration on the Bitpapa telegram bot, the next thing is to join the Bitpapa telegram group where the puzzles to complete in order to get the bitpapa codes are being dropped every weekend i.e. could be on a Saturday or Sunday.

Bitpapa codes are hidden in various puzzles and the first set of 100 or 200 participants to uncover the codes can claim the bonuses.

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  •  In the past, the bitpapa codes were dropped directly on the telegram channel but now it is hidden in puzzles every weekend for the lucky ones to crack.

How to Redeem Bitpapa Codes On The Telegram Bot

To redeem the bitpapa codes when you are able to crack the puzzles, simply start the bot and select Wallet > Papa Codes > Activate > and then paste the code. If you are lucky enough the free cash will be added to your bitpapa bot account in BTC. After which, you can decide to leave it or trade immediately to cash.

How to Trade BTC for Naira On Bitpapa Telegram Bot

The essence of trying to crack the bitpapa puzzle for the code is to get some passive cash, so there is also need to know how to convert the Bitcoin amount to naira. In order to withdraw to your local bank, you’d have to trade the BTC to available vendor via the bot. To sell the BTC, simply follow the instructions below;

How to earn free 1600 Naira on Bitpapa telegram bot

  • Click on Market,
  • Tap on Sell
  • Select BTC as the Cryptocurrency you want to sell
  • Select NGN as the currency you wish to receive upon selling your BTC
  • Select Bank transfer and then locate one of the buyers.

There are many buyers, select the one you want and enter the value of BTC you intend selling. If it’s 0.00018, just type it in and then a new message will pop up, with an option to direct message the buyer via the bot, simply click on ‘Message’ and type your account details.

How to message buyer on Bitpapa telegram bot

Then wait for your alert! Once you get the payment, you release the crypto currency and the trade will be completed. Never release the cryptocurrency when you have not received the alert as there is no way to recover.

How to Earn Up to 10k From Bitpapa Telegram Bot

If you wish to earn more than the 1600 Naira welcome bonus for all new accounts, simply create many telegram accounts using Telegram X.

To help with cracking the puzzle every weekend, I will suggest you join our interactive WhatsApp group 

You can download Telegram X from Google Play store and use it to open many accounts and also be fast enough to use the code when it gets released on their channel to earn 1600 Naira for each account. It’s as easy as ABC! The only work is keeping your notifications on to receive the code when it gets released by the administrators.

Enjoy and feel free to join our WhatsApp and telegram channel for more interesting money making updates.

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