Earncrib Review – Is Earncrib.com.ng Legit? Find Out

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Earncrib review

Earncrib is a online earning website that provides users a platform where they can complete tasks and earn some money. As an online earning platform, people will certainly want to know if earncrib is legit or scam and that’s the reason for this earncrib review; we will be answering some pertinent questions about the platform as well as getting to know how to go about creating an account and earning.

In this article as already mentioned, we will be looking at a review of earncrib to know if it’s a good platform for people looking to earn money passively from the internet. Without wasting more time, let’s get down to the business of the day.

About Earncrib

Earncrib is an online task platform where users earn some money when they complete tasks such as liking a page, joining a WhatsApp group, registering on a website etc. The keyword there is, users have to complete certain tasks to earn money from earncrib.com.ng.

There is a column for one to contact the owner of earncrib directly on WhatsApp, so if you have any issues in the course of using the website, there’s always room to contact the administrator in order to get your issue fixed and problem solved.

Earncrib Review – Is Earncrib.com.ng Legit Or Scam?

Earncrib tasks

Earncrib is a task website that actually pays but its legitimacy may not be long because immediately these online task websites are unable to pay users, they often close and most times they don’t even last for more than two weeks. If you are registering on Earncrib, ensure you stick to the free plan otherwise known as the basic category.

The reasons for this advice are; 

1. Most of these online task websites don’t pay well. Imagine using 1,000 naira ti upgrade and then start completing tasks that are worth 10 naira. How many 10 naira tasks would you have to complete in order to earn up to 1000 Naira that you used to upgrade plan? Paying for the premium package is outright madness and if you’re reading this article, I wouldn’t advise you to even think of doing so.

2. Secondly, most of these online earning websites don’t last. We’ve witnessed the rise and fall of many task websites, they don’t last long, so even if you have plans to upgrade, ensure the 1,000 naira you are depositing is something you can easily spare. Don’t borrow money to upgrade membership on any task website, not just limited to earncrib.

3. Earncrib takes too long to confirm the tasks after a user completes them. Imagine taking more than an hour to confirm an already concluded task? That’s not even encouraging at all.

How to Create An Earncrib Account

How to create an account on Earncrib

To create an account on the platform, hop into Earncrib website and sign up with your details. The sign up form requires you to fill some personal information such as first and second name, phone number and email.

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Honestly speaking that’s one of the most detailed sign up form I’ve seen from any online earning website. But since it doesn’t involve any sensitive detail like bvn, there should be no problem whatsoever.

After signing up, you will be given 50 Naira welcome bonus and automatically upgraded to the basic plan. On the basic plan, you have limited tasks and your minimum withdrawal is 600 naira with longer payment approval time.

While this is understandable, earning 600 naira on the website with the number of tasks and amount given per tasks may be impossible.

How to Start Completing Tasks On Earncrib

How to start completing tasks on Earncrib

After you’ve created an account, click on earn and then you will see tasks to complete such as joining a WhatsApp group and all. Read and follow the instructions.

Some of the tasks may require you to screenshot some details and submit your phone number after completion for approval. Continue that way to accumulate more earnings for yourself

Some tasks will fetch you 10 naira while others 6 naira, 5 naira etc. which brings us back to my initial arguement that earning on Earncrib will take a long while considering how low the earning rate is.

Earncrib Referral Program

The referral program is another passive way of earning on the platform. You earn 10 naira for every referral you invite. It’s not different for basic or premium users, everyone earns 10 naira from referring new users to the platform.

Earncrib as a whole passive income platform. Left for me, I’d call it “passive income pro max”.

Minimum Withdrawal On Earncrib

The minimum withdrawal on Earncrib is 600 naira for users on the basic plan and 200 naira for users who have upgraded their accounts to premium.

Additionally, users on the basic plan will receive payment within 48 hours which is typically two days while users on the premium plan will receive payment within 10 minutes. All these are done to discourage users from settling for the basic/free plan. But don’t deposit unless you’re ready to spare the amount.

To withdraw your money from Earncrib, click on More, then on withdraw funds, submit your account details and expect payment.


Even though earncrib might be legit, there is still need to peruse this review critically before proceeding to sign up or upgrade account to premium. This earncrib review as you have it, has revealed both the good and bad aspects of the platform; so it’s left for you to choose.

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