Earnfreely Review: Is earnfreely.ng Scam? Find Out!

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Earnfreely Review

Earnfreely.ng is a newly launched online earning website that claims users can earn up to 25,000 naira monthly by completing simple click2earn tasks and also earn even more by referring new users to the platform. The platform offers seems too good to be true thus the publication of this earnfreely review.

In this article, we will be finding out if earnfreely.ng is legit or scam, but before we get down to having a look at some of the potential red flags that point to the possibility of earnfreely.ng being a waste of time, we will have a look at the nearly unbelievable earning opportunities on the website. So sit tight and enjoy this earnfreely review.

About Earnfreely

Earnfreely with the website url earnfreely.ng is an online money making website where you can earn free money when you complete tasks such as clicking on advert links and viewing the ads. That’s basically how to earn money on the website, but what’s amazing is, you can earn or participate in the platform’s freebies without depositing money at all.

As a matter of fact, the numerous bonuses available on earnfreely makes the whole thing too good to be true and there’s a saying that if something is too good to be true, it may just not be true. But we will shed more light on that later on.

How to Register An Account

To create an account on earnfreely, simply hop into their website and sign up with your details. Firstly, you will be asked to submit your bank account details after which, you fill your name and other important login details such as username and much more.

After signing up, you will be instantly logged into the website and giving free 1,000 naira bonus to start with. Now you can click on the Earn-FAST button to complete the click2earn tasks. Like I said these tasks involve viewing adverts.

How to earn for free on earnfreely

You earn up to 25 naira per task you click on and there are usually more than 10 things to click on. It won’t even take much time for you to earn some reasonable money on earnfreely but that’s not all there is to the platform.

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You also earn 150 naira daily when you login to the acct for the first time in a day. That’s another rapid way of earning money for free from the website.

How Does Earnfreely Referral Program Work?

This is actually the most interesting aspect, you earn 350 naira per person you refer to earnfreely.ng and there is nothing special for your referrals to do besides, signing up with your link.

There is no verification whatsoever, just refer people and earn 350 naira, earnings are unlimited. You also stand a chance of winning 50,000 naira every Sunday if you happen to be the highest referral for the week. All these and more are what Earnfreely claims to give users, but how realistic do you think this website is?

Earnfreely Withdrawal Steps

On the homepage after login, you will see the withdraw option. But withdrawals are not instant, even if you withdraw same day you joined, the payment will be disbursed on the 10th of the month and 31st of every month.

So all withdrawals this January would be processed on the 31st and all users will be paid. This is for both referral earnings and activity earnings but it’s different from the higher referral reward that they claim will be paid to one top referrer on Sundays.

Having seen the numerous bonuses you stand a chance of earning on earnfreely.ng, I guess it’s time to talk about the legitimacy of the platform since that’s what this Earnfreely review is about.

Earnfreely Review – Is Earnfreely.ng legit Or Scam?

Earnfreely click2earn task

Honestly speaking, there is no proof to say Earnfreely.ng is scam at the moment, neither is there a proof showing this platform to be legit. But there are many reasons to doubt the legitimacy of the website and they are as follows; (some are purely by thoughts and as such may not be completely true)

  • Earnfreely.ng domain name was registered on the 9th of January, 2024. What this means is that, the website is not even up to a week old, so the offerings and bonuses being promised by the owner(s) is most likely false and unrealistic.
  • The website was created by the owner just to generate ad income from the people, so to make it more believable they fixed very interesting and mind-blowing bonuses to entice the gullible populace. There is a very high chance that earnfreely is scam.
  • Earnfree doesn’t have a known owner. According to the information I got from whois.com, the identity of the owner is hidden, only the state of Origin is revealed. You can’t be paying out this amount of money and not at least reveal yourself.
  • The website is weak. It was made public recently and just today, the server went down more than twice with the first downtime lasting for more than 2 hours. You can’t really be paying such huge amount of money to users and not have money to even maintain your website server. It’s simply a phishing website launched for the purpose of generating ad revenue. You should therefore disregard.
  • Lastly, I have seen many website like earnfreely, most times they don’t pay. But if you doubt me, place withdrawal and wait for the surprise on the 31st.

We’ve come to the end of this Earnfreely review! If you found it useful, feel free to join our telegram channel for more interesting updates and money making reviews.

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