Easiest Way Of Enabling Dark Mode On Facebook

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Enabling dark mode on Facebook

There is now a way to enable dark mode on your Facebook Application easily. Many people enjoy setting their favourite apps to dark mode due to the extra good feeling that comes with using apps on dark mode.

If you love the dark mode feature and perhaps unaware of how to enable it on your Facebook Application, then this article will be highly enlightening to you. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to easily enable dark mode feature on Facebook. But before we get down to the main steps, it is important for you to know that dark mode feature can be easily activated with the main Facebook App not lite version.

How to Enable Dark Mode Easily On Your Facebook Application

Facebook dark mode

Like I stated earlier, you need to have the standard Facebook Application before you can use the dark mode feature. If you already have the Facebook standard App, just follow the steps below;

Launch your Facebook Application, click on menu option and scroll down to the settings & privacy > if you have the updated Facebook app, you should see dark mode.

Click on dark mode and enable it by turning it on. Once you turn it on, the entire Facebook interface will change to dark mode. It is very easy and if you are tired of it and want to disable the dark mode, simply locate the settings & privacy again and select dark mode then turn it off.

If you have been looking for ways to enable dark mode on Facebook, then follow the above steps to enable it and start enjoying the good feeling that comes with using dark mode on the social messaging platform.

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