Easy Steps to Self Refer On Mara As A Champion

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Self refer on Mara

There is a method one can utilise to self refer on Mara Wallet to earn massively as a champion. If you are finding it difficult to attain the minimum payout amount i.e. $2010,000 Naira and 2,700+ Ksh, due to limited number of friends to refer, this article will be of utmost importance to you.

In this article, we are going to be finding out how to self refer on Mara as a champion in order to earn as much as possible. This article should not be public but for the sake of my lovely readers, there is no way I can hide such an important earning update.

Requirements For Self Referral

  • Mara account that has been upgraded to champion. You can register a Mara Account via this link and also Check out How to Become A Mara Champion
  • A standard smartphone be it Android or iOS.
  • An email address and phone number

How to Start Self Referring As Mara Champion

1. Launch your mara application, login to your Mara champion account and click on earn, copy your referral code.

2. Download an App Cloner such as Multi space or App Cloner from Google Play store. Clone the Mara Application and start the sign up process, while registering, enter the referral code of your Mara Champion Account.

3. If you have one email address, simply employ our Gmail Trick to use the same email address to create as many accounts as possible with same email address. This can be done by adding period in between the letters of your Gmail; for instance, Gistr.ealz@gmail.com, g.istrealz@gmail.com, all the mails will be sent to the same email address no matter where the period is entered.

How to self refer on Mara

4. Now after creating the first account under your mara champion account, click on settings icon and edit your phone number, enter a random 11 digits number. An OTP will be sent to the random number you entered, just ignore and go back.

The random phone number you entered will replace the main line you used to create the account in the first instance. This will create another opportunity for you to create many other accounts with same phone number.

Just create the second account with your referral code and with same phone number, you wouldn’t be shown the ‘phone number already exists error’. After creating the second account, still head to settings and edit the phone number, replace it with a random phone number and ignore the OTP option.

Keep repeating the process to refer as many as possible with same Gmail address and phone number. Use the app Cloner to duplicate mara app as many times as possible and make sure you enter your main account referral code while creating all the self referred accounts.

Mara champion program will soon come to an end, so try as much as possible to accumulate some money before it launches fully. Thanks, share and endeavour to join our WhatsApp and telegram channel.

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