Enerconvip.online Review – Is Enercon Vip Legit or Scam?

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Enerconvip.online is one of the online investment platforms out there that promises to double and triple whatever amount users invest on the website. Enercon Vip with the slogan, energy to the world, is an online earning platform where users can deposit money and earn interest on a daily basis till the expiration of the plan which is 90 days.

In this enerconvip.online review, we are going to be finding out alot of things about enercon vip starting from when the platform was launched i.e. when the website was officially registered, the owner of the platform, whether Enercon vip is legit or not, some payment proofs and our take on the platform. Incase you have seen the website on some groups and social media outlets and wondering if it’s safe to invest on the platform or not, this article will serve as an eye opener.

Enerconvip.online Login

The direct login url of enercon vip can be accessed via – https://www.enerconvip.online/login/login.html. This is for people who already have an account, all you have to do is click on the link above, enter your login details to access your dashboard.

Enercon changed url extension not quite long ago, so users who have been unable to login to their accounts can do so now via the link attached above.

Enerconvip.online review – Is Enercon Vip Legit or Scam?

Enerconvip.online review

Enercon vip whether we agree or not is a hyip scheme or ponzi. Ponzi schemes thrive and continue to pay for a long period of time as long as new investors keep registering and buying or purchasing the paid plans. On this note therefore, enercon vip is not a legit earning platform but the truth is, there is no legit or scam platform anywhere.

If you join an online earning platform of this nature early enough, you may be able to cash out your capital and additional profit on investment before it crashes or starts malfunctioning. Money cannot be gotten from trees and in this enercon vip review, we can’t say the platform is legit. It’s not, but if you join early, you may, emphasis on may be able to withdraw some extra profit.

Enerconvip.online Review – When Was Enercon VIP Website Launched?

When was enerconvip.online launched?

Enercon vip like I said made some changes precisely to their website extension. From the information I saw in Whois, the website was launched on the 5th of May, meaning that enercon Vip is not even up to a week.

This is a good indication and a potential green flag for risk takers who may want to partake or register on the platform. When a platform of this nature is young or newly created, they often pay well because of the influx of new users and the fact that the administrators have not allowed greed get the better of them. Enercon Vip was created and registered some days ago, so if you would like to join, do so now or don’t try at all.

Enerconvip.online Review – Who is the Owner Of Enercon Vip?

Enercon vip domain registrant information is withheld. So there is no name or details of the creator. This is typical of investment sites and the platform is no different. Ponzi owners often hide their identity, so that when things go wrong because things are bound to go wrong, they won’t be held accountable.

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On this note therefore, I would also advise you thread carefully. Platforms that have no identity means you have no one to hold when you don’t receive whatever you are promised.

How to Sign Up And Start Making Money On Enercon vip

  • To make money on enercon vip, you need to have an account and this can only be done via their official website or the newly registered domain name.
  • Click on this link to create an account after which, you will be logged in and have access to the various investment plans on enercon. Some of the investment plans will supposedly fetch you up to 5,000 naira daily! That’s too good to believe but anything is possible in a newly form ponzi scheme until things go wrong.

Below are screenshots of the available investment plans on Enercon vip that you can go for;

Enercon vip available investment plans

The minimum investment amount on enercon vip is 3,000 and this amount will fetch you 660 naira daily with an expiry date or 90 days! So if for any chance the platform lasts for up to 90 days which is nearly impossible to say the least, you will be earning 660 naira daily for 3 months. That’s wonderfully impossible, just bear in mind.

Enerconvip.online review – My Take On Whether Or Not You Should Join

Enercon vip is one of the numerous earning platforms but then, they have outrageous plans that can not be fulfilled. If you are a risk taker, I would advise you to only sign up and try this platform with your spare cash.

Greed is one thing most administrators of these platforms capitalize on to scam people of huge amounts. So for your own good, deposit small money, go for the very cheap plans if possible don’t exceed the Mimimum deposit amount that’s if you must join.

Personally, I don’t sign up on ponzi schemes anymore especially platforms with unbelievable earning metrics. You can try your luck but just be very careful. As for payment proofs of enercon vip, there are numerous payment proofs.

Has Enercon vip Crashed?

Enercon vip has not crashed yet. When it does, I’ll update this article with the fresh details. For now the platform is paying though I don’t know how long it will last from now as we’ve seen numerous websites with similar domain names and earning metrics crash in just threw to five days after their official launch, fingers are crossed though, let’s see how long enercon vip will last.

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