Faucet Earner Review: Is Faucetearner.org Legit Or Scam?

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Faucet earner review

Faucet Earner is an XRP Mining website where users get to earn some xrp every minute unlimitedly by clicking on the claim now button after the countdown. But there is more to faucet earner, there is an option for investment and in this faucet earner review, we will be finding out all there is to know about the platform, whether it’s legit or scam and much more.

In this faucet earner Review, we will be finding out all about faucetearner.org and some of the steps to follow in order to claim XRP, the various investment plans on the website and whether faucet earner is legit or scam. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the business of the day.

About Faucet Earner

Faucet earner is an XRP Mining website where according to the information on the website, users can earn a whopping 10 XRP when they mine every minute of the day. There is no limit to the number of times a user can mine XRP, so your earning rate is as good as unlimited as long as you keep claiming every minute.

But it requires you to stay online on the website and observe the countdown in order to keep claiming and claiming more xrp. Faucet earner is more than just a mining website because there is an option to deposit and invest money on the website to enable you earn extra revenue in xrp based on the plan chosen and the amount invested.

Faucetearner.org was launched not too long ago and it’s become very popular amongst people who are interested in earning some money for free.

Faucet Earner Review – Is Faucetearner.org Legit Or Scam?

Is Faucet Earner Legit Or scam?

Faucet earner is legit in the sense that you actually earn free xrp when you mine and there is no minimum withdrawal. Meaning you can be placing withdrawal when you mine up to any amount depending on your choice.

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But the mining rate or the amount of xrp a user can earn each minute is very small and insignificant. It is true that it’s a free money making website but I believe the owners should have made it more sensible or reasonable. If you stick to the free version i.e. without investing, it could take you a year to earn something tangible enough to even withdraw from your external crypto wallet. The 10 XRP advertised on the website as amount one can earn in a minute from mining is purely farce. You don’t even earn up to 1 XRP from mining, the most I’ve earned is 0.00002… xrp.

So it’s pointless if you have no plans of investing on any of the plans or depositing money.

From my own assessment, is Faucet Earner Legit Or scam? Yes it is legit but is it worth it or worth even an hour of your time? No.

Investment Plans On Faucet Earner

Faucet earner investment plans

1. Demand Deposit Plan – on Demand deposit plan, you earn 5% annual interest on any amount invested.

2. Fixed term – this plan lasts for 7 days and during the investment period, user can earn 7% annual interest on any amount invested.

3. Fixed term 30 days plan which gives users 10% annual interest on investment.

4. Fixed term – 90 days plan that rewards users with 20% annual interest on invested amount.

5. The 180 days investment plan that gives users 40% annual interest on invested amount.

6. The 1 year fixed plan that rewards users with 100% annual interest rate. That means any amount invested will be doubled after 365 days.

That means after registering, you can actually earn more xrp on the Faucet Earner website by investing money or purchasing any of the stated plans.

How to Create An Account On Faucet Earner to Start Claiming XRP

Firstly, open the Faucet Earner website and create an account. The account creation process is very easy and there is no need for a guide on that.

After creating an account, you will be logged into the main dashboard with a countdown and option to claim. You have to wait for the 60 seconds countdown to finish before clicking on claim now to get some xrp.

Continue this process for as long as your strength can carry you to keep earning more XRP on Faucet earner. The rewards are random and very small, so don’t expect anything major or bulky from the Faucet earner website.

How to Earn More XRP on Faucet Earner

Even though Faucet Earner xrp rewards are super low and insignificant, there are some steps you can take to increase your rewards and they are as follows;

1. Referring – when you refer, you get one chance to draw and also earn 10% of whatever your referrals earn for as long as the platform lasts. This is a major alternative to claiming the xrp from morning to night. If you can refer active users, your xrp rewards will also increase significantly.

2. Investing in the platform by depositing money. The minimum deposit is $20 usdt and you have to choose one of the investment plans after you’ve deposited to invest and start earning more XRP.

How to Withdraw Xrp from Faucet Earner

Firstly, you need to get your xrp ripple network address from Binance. Open Binance app, click on deposit, search for Xrp, select ripple network and when the address is displayed.

Copy both the address and numerical code or numbers known as the xrp destination tag. Then head back to Faucet Earner and click on withdrawals, paste the address and the destination tag or numbers gotten from Binance. Then submit your withdrawal form and wait for payment.

Faucet Earner Red Flags


This Faucet earner review cannot be considered complete if I don’t share my personal thoughts on the platform. While it’s a free xrp mining website, there are certain downsides or red flags you should beware of;

  •  The rewards are not just extremely poor but it’s kind of stressful. Even if you’re earning 10 XRP each time you claim, it’s still not worth the stress.
  • Secondly, Faucet earner is a Ponzi scheme and investment hyip scheme that can crash at anytime. So depositing money on it is highly unadvisable and may end up being a regrettable action.
  •  Faucet earner minimum deposit is $20 usdt making it a major high risk investment website especially for people in this part of the world where, exchange rate is bitting hard on average earners. Higher deposit is usually a ploy by scam platforms to ensure users lose alot of money to them when they eventually decide to close the platform. Faucet earner is not entirely different from such scam websites.
  • The payment is manually processed. I tried out the withdrawal and for over 2 hours I’ve not received payment. Manual payment processing is a no-no for platforms like this incase you have plans to invest.

We’ve come to the end of this Faucet earner review! If you enjoyed the article and would like us to review other websites, feel free to drop the names of such websites in the comment section.

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