List of Countries Eligible For FB Instream Ads Monetization

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If you have been looking for fb Instream ads eligible countries, then that’s probably the reason why you are here. Keep reading this article to find out the countries that are eligible for Facebook instream ads monetization.

The world is now a global village with many individuals making money from the comfort of their homes without even having to step out. I guess the days of leave your comfort zone before you make it era has far gone behind us. People now make good money, enough to sustain their lifestyles with from their comfort zone with their phones and laptops. For years now Facebook has been our go-to for fun activities or when we want to reach out to family and friends but of recent, it has become a business hub for many.

This turnaround started when Facebook commenced massive changes in page management and operation and to top it up, they also added an option to people who own Facebook pages to make money from instream ads in the videos they make. The changes, most notably, instream ads monetization brought massive changes to Facebook and ever since, people have gone from seeing Facebook as a childish platform for just random fun and cruise to a business platform as serious as YouTube with people making millions monthly from the revenue generated from instream ads on their Facebook videos.

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Now this brings us to the question, what are Facebook instream ads and why are they so important when it comes to making money on Facebook?

What Are FB Instream Ads?

Fb Instream ads eligible countries

Instream ads are advertisements placed by companies, business people and individuals on videos uploaded by content creators on Facebook. I am sure you have been seeing the adverts being played while watching a video on Facebook that plays for some seconds and then you’re shown a skip option. Those are instream ads and for each time you watch these ads, the creator whom you are watching his or her video is making some cents.

Facebook instream ads have become so popular that people compare the earnings from their Facebook page to the earnings of popular YouTubers but there is a limitation. What’s that limitation? Not every country is eligible to use Facebook monetization or enable the instream ads on their page. The reason you are on this page could be that you’ve been told your country is not eligible for fb Instream ads Monetization, but not to worry, I’ll be listing the countries eligible soon.

List of FB Instream Ads Eligible Countries?

  1. Argentina
  2. Bangladesh,
  3. Austria
  4. Belgium,
  5.  Bolivia,
  6. Brazil,
  7.  Egypt,
  8. El Salvador,
  9.  France,
  10.  Germany,
  11.  Hong Kong,
  12.  India,
  13. Indonesia,
  14. Iraq,
  15. Ireland,
  16. Japan,
  17. Jordan,
  18. Malaysia,
  19. Mexico,
  20. Morroco,
  21. New Zealand,
  22. Norway,
  23. Peru,
  24. Puerto Rico,
  25. Singapore,
  26. South Africa,
  27.  Switzerland,
  28. Thailand,
  29. Phillipines,
  30. Saudi Arabia,
  31.  United kingdom,
  32.  United states,

Some countries may not be on this list but I included most of the countries eligible for Facebook instream ads currently. You can check for the updated list on your Facebook page. Now, I guess you are wondering how to active the instream ads on your Facebook page in Nigeria or in a country not eligible for the monetization.

How to Activate FB Instream Ads In An Ineligible Country

List of countries eligible for fb Instream ads monetization

You need to ensure you’ve met the requirements needed for monetization by getting the stated views and followers then find someone, maybe your relative or friend in a different country. If you have a friend or relation in one of the eligible countries, make him or her administrator on your page and have the person activate and set up the instream ads on your Facebook page.

That’s the simple and best way to set up instream ads on a Facebook page in a country not yet eligible. In the coming months or years hopefully, more countries will be added to the list.

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