FCMB Enrol and Win Promo: How to Get Free 300 Naira On Your Acct

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Fcmb enrol and win promo (free 300 naira)

The FCMB enrol and win promo is an offer that can be utilized by all new customers of the bank in order for them to receive free 300 naira after a couple of weeks. As we all know, first city monument bank otherwise referred to as fcmb has been very open when it comes to offering users and intending users giveaway opportunities and chances to earn with their accounts.

In addition to all the offers ranging from the FCMB referral program to the welcome bonus offer that started a month ago to the enroll and win promo which has been going on for sometime now. What is the FCMB Enrol and win promo about? We will find out in this article and more.

About FCMB Enrol and Win Promo

Fcmb enrol and win as the title implies has to do with encouraging bank customers to enroll in the USSD feature and start using the bank’s USSD to make transfers, purchase airtime and many other activities on their accounts for a chance to earn free 300 naira bonus.

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The enroll and win offer has been going on for sometime and as a matter of fact, it’s no longer a new thing for most customers as they must have at one point or the other being notified about it and encouraged to enroll. How does it work and how can an fcmb user get free 300 naira cash bonus by doing it? Keep reading.

How to Get 300 Naira Cash Bonus On Your FCMB Account Courtesy of the Enrol and Win

  • It often works for customers who have not yet started using the USSD or customers who have been notified to enroll into the FCMB USSD service.
  • To enroll and win, you need to dial *329# and follow the prompt with the line you used in creating your fcmb account to successfully enroll.
  • You will be asked to set up a transaction password or pin and some other requirements. Once you are done, sit tight and wait for your 300 naira bonus which will be credited to your bank account and can be used to purchase airtime, data and even withdrawn as normal money.

That’s pretty much all there is to know about the fcmb enrol and win promo. Let’s also have a look at some of the FAQs to enable you have an indepth knowledge about the offer, who is eligible and customers who are not.

FAQs About FCMB enrol and win promo

1. How do I participate in fcmb enrol and win promo?

  • Like I stated in the article, all you need to do is dial *329# on your registered line or line you used in creating your fcmb account and set up the USSD service to qualify for the bonus.

2. How do I know I’m eligible for the enrol and win promo?

  • All new fcmb customers who have not yet set up the USSD service are eligible for the bonus. What it takes is picking up your phone and dialing the code to complete the onboarding process and expect your bonus.

3. When should I expect the enrol and win 300 naira bonus?

  • The 300 naira bonus will be credited to your bank account after some weeks. It’s not instant and if you have been an active participant or partaker of most promo offers from FCMB, you would understand why this is normal. Most rewards are not instant as long as fcmb is concerned.

4. Who is not eligible for the FCMB enrol and win offer?

  • Customers who have already set up the USSD service prior to the announcement or commencement of the promo are not eligible for the offer and as such, there is no need trying. It’s primarily an incentive plan put in place by the bank to encourage users who are just joining the bank to start using the USSD service for their transactions.

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