FCMB Wincity Promo: Spin And Win Free Airtime & Cash

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FCMB Wincity promo is currently ongoing and it is specifically an opportunity created by the bank to reward inactive users who transact using the mobile app. If you’ve been an active FCMB customer, then you will agree with me when I say that the bank usually comes up to with campaigns to get new users as well as reward existing users and some of us have benefited from FCMB at one point or another.

In this article however, we will be having a look at some details about the FCMB Wincity promo that is currently ongoing. Some days ago, I got a text message from the bank informing me of the promo and I checked on the app to confirm the existence and discovered that it is an opportunity for users to earn some freebies from the bank.

About FCMB Wincity

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The Wincity promo set up by FCMB as part of the millionaires campaign which is basically a reward scheme aimed at giving back to the users who complete certain transactions using the bank app. If you are a customer and wish to win either airtime or cash rewards from the Wincity promo, then you have to complete certain transactions to gain access.

You stand a chance of winning either airtime or cash rewards and also may not win anything. I believe spin and win rings a bell that it’s a random thing, and as such, there is no assurance you would win a dime from the promo each time you spin the wheel but like the saying goes, it’s always better to try. If you’ve not tried, you cannot just conclude that you won’t win anything.

There are some transactions you must complete on the app to get keys that would grant you access to spin the wheel on FCMB app and they are as follows;

  • Intra and inter bank transfers
  • Bill payments
  • Airtime purchases
  • Data purchases

When you complete any of the transactions, you will be given a key that is meant to grant you access to spin the wheel on the Wincity promo page. If you are to win something tangible on the Wincity promo page, that is totally dependent on how lucky you are and how many keys you have. So the more you transact the higher your chances of getting keys which also means more chances of winning free airtime or cash prizes.

How to Participate In FCMB Wincity Promo

FCMB Wincity Spin and win

First of all, you need to have an FCMB account and also the mobile app installed on your device as that makes it very easy. Login to the mobile app and on the homepage, just click on Wincity and follow the next instructions.

To access the FCMB Wincity promo page directly, you can click HERE. Login with your FCMB mobile banking details to access the Wincity offer, then you click on spin and wheel if you have keys and spin. You may win free airtime or 2,000 naira cash depending on how lucky you are like I said earlier.

Whatever reward you win can be instantly redeemed. If it’s airtime, you can redeem it instantly upon being told you have won or if it’s cash, you can also redeem it to your FCMB account balance. The promo is very interesting because you get access to it by completing the basic transactions we complete daily.

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According to FCMB, the goal is to encourage inactive users who have for some reasons stopped using the bank app to complete transactions.


1. Who are our Target customer? .

  • FCMB inactive customers.

2. What is required of the customer?

  • The customer is expected to do transactions on the mobile app and get keys to spin a wheel and win a prize.

3. How many transactions does the customer need to do to get 1 Key?

  • Two transactions

4.  Are there any specific transactions the customer needs to do to get keys?

  • Yes, the customer can do the following transactions:
  • Bill payments
  • buy airtime
  • purchase data
  • inter and intra bank transfers.

5. How does a customer redeem their gift if they win?

  • Once there is an indication the customer won, customer clicks the redeem price button and customer is immediately credited with their winnings.

6. How many times can a customer win?

  • The more transactions the customer does the more keys they get and the more chances to win.
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