Fidelity Green Rewards: Redeem Airtime, Smartphones & Other Amazing Gifts Daily

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Fidelity Bank Green rewards program

Fidelity Green rewards program is a customer rewards program from fidelity bank and it was designed as part of the bank’s way of expressing gratitude to their loyal customers. What this means is that, the green rewards program helps active customers earn loyalty points when they carry out transactions such as bill payments, airtime purchases, fund transfers etc. On any of the banking channels.

In this article, we are going to have a look at everything one needs to know about the fidelity green rewards program and how you can start redeeming airtime of any network, purchasing smartphones, laptops and even clothes with the loyalty points you accumulate daily from the normal day-to-day transactions you complete using fidelity bank.

The fidelity bank green rewards program is actually one of it’s kind as we don’t see many banks setting up this kind of loyalty program for their customers to earn extra income as they complete the normal transactions they do daily. Without wasting much time, let’s dive into the main purpose of writing this article starting from the various channels one can transact on in order to earn the loyalty points and by extension win various prizes.

Banking Channels You Can Earn Fidelity Green Rewards From

  1. Using the debit card to transact on POS stands.
  2. Purchasing airtime or data via the fidelity bank mobile application
  3. Transacting in Fidelity Bank POS
  4. Fidelity bank USSD banking which involves dialing the code *770#

These are the alternative banking channels that come with some green reward points or loyalty points in the program. The more you transact or engage in transactions via these channels, the more loyalty points you earn which can aid your redemption of a gift.

How to Enroll In The Fidelity Green Rewards Program

How to enroll in Fidelity Green Rewards scheme

As a fidelity bank customer, all you have to do is open the mobile banking app and locate the green rewards program portal. But as a new customer, upon completion of the steps required to set up a standard account, the green rewards membership details for your account will be sent to your email address.

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According to fidelity bank, the program is open to all customers both old and new as long as they are running a individual account in the bank.

How to Get Loyalty Points For Fidelity Green Rewards Program

To get more loyalty points, all you have to do is transact via any of the aforementioned channels. If you withdraw money from fidelity bank ATM, you earn some loyalty points.

If you purchase airtime via the mobile banking app, you earn some points which can be redeemed as airtime or data. All it takes is keep transacting with your ATM card both debit and credit card and doing the normal transactions you do on a daily basis for more points.

How to Redeem Airtime, Smartphones And Other Gifts With The Fidelity Green Rewards Loyalty Points

How to redeem airtime, smartphones with fidelity bank green rewards points

To redeem airtime or other amazing gifts from the fidelity green rewards with your loyalty points, simply login to the green rewards portal via this official link –

On the website you will see an option to login using your membership details and the various gifts that can be redeemed starting from airtime, cable tv payment and smart devices with the points you’ve accumulated.

In order for you to qualify to purchase one of the high ranking products, you must have done a lot of transactions on fidelity bank via the states channels and earned thousands of points.

When will the Fidelity Green rewards Program End?

There is no stated to the program, just continue your normal transactions via the app or USSD as you’ve always been doing. The only difference this time is, you are earning some loyalty points as you do so.

Having known most of the important details about the fidelity bank green rewards program, let’s also include the frequently asked questions by customers Incase you feel the need to have more questions;

Frequently Asked Questions About The Fidelity Bank Green Rewards Program

1. Is the Green Rewards programme available to everyone?

  • The Fidelity Green Rewards Programme is available to all individual customers of the bank who run individual current/savings accounts and carry out transactions (bill payments, airtime purchase, funds transfer, etc.) on any of our alternative banking channels such as the Fidelity Mobile App, Fidelity ATMs, Fidelity POSs, Fidelity *770# (Instant Banking), etc.

2. When will my Fidelity Green Reward Points reflect in my account?

  • Your Green Rewards wallet will be credited at the end of every month with loyalty points accrued in the course of the month.

3. How would I know my Fidelity Green Reward Points balance?

  • When you activate your profile on the rewards portal, a rewards wallet is created for you where you can view your accrued points balance. Every loyalty point you earn by carrying out eligible transactions, will be stored in your rewards wallet.


4. Do I need a loyalty card to join the Fidelity Green Rewards Programme?

  • Loyalty cards are not required to join the Green Rewards Programme. To be part of the programme, simply open a Fidelity individual current/savings account and your enrolment details will be sent to your registered email address(es). Upon receipt of your enrolment details, please activate your profile.

5. When Can I Start Earning Loyalty Points?

  • You start earning loyalty points when you carry out transactions (bill payments, airtime purchase, funds transfer, etc.) on any of our alternative banking channels such as the Fidelity Mobile App, Fidelity ATMs, Fidelity POSs, Fidelity *770# (Instant Banking), etc. Points earned can be redeemed for exciting items in our catalogues on the Green Rewards Mart.

6. Must I redeem my points each time I carry out a qualifying transaction?

  • It is not compulsory to redeem points on every qualifying transaction. However, it is compulsory you redeem your loyalty points within the stipulated period to avoid forfeiture of points.


7. How long can I keep my Fidelity Green Reward Points?

  • You can keep your Fidelity Green Reward Points for a maximum period of 300 days. However, if your points are not redeemed within the stated period above, they expire and will be automatically deducted from your points balance. Your Fidelity Green Reward Points will be forfeited after it is deducted from your Rewards account and/or when your bank account goes dormant.

That’s all there is to know about the fidelity bank green rewards program.

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