FinEstateCapital: How to Get Upto 5,000 Naira Airtime By Doing A Simple Task

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Free airtime from FinEstateCapital App

Are you aware that you can get free airtime on FinEstateCapital by doing a simple task? FinEstateCapital as the name implies is an investment platform that claims to give users access to invest in fully vetted properties in North America with a startup amount of $10 and earn upto 15% returns in dollars.

So you are basically investing to earn some returns after a specified period of time. The good thing is that, you get the interest on your capital in hard currency thus saving you from the free fall of the Naira. But there is an interesting aspect, the administrators recently introduced a referral program that could be seen as interesting but since I can’t speak for you, let me explain how it works and leave you to decide.

How Does The FinEstateCapital Airtime Referral Program Work?

FinEstateCapital airtime referral offer

In order to expand its user base, FinEstateCapital introduced a referral program that rewards users with airtime bonuses when they are able to refer new people to simply download and sign up on FinEstateCapital. Currently, there is no need for the new users you refer to complete KYC. so the work you have to do is just get them to download the app and sign up with your link.

Having known the basic rules of the referral program, there is need to fully dive into the main purpose of writing this post; which is how you can earn up to 5,000 Naira airtime free of charge from FinEstateCapital.

How to Get Airtime From FinEstateCapital

1. Download the FinEstateCapital App from Google Play Store. Sign up with the link after downloading the app and that’s it!

2. While signing up, make sure you paste this code in the referral column – chidiugo-4292 then complete sign up, verify your email address by entering the code sent to your mail.

3. After registering, login to your newly created account, click on ‘More’ them on ‘Refer and Earn’ copy the code on your account and start sharing it to friends.

For every friend that signs up with your code, you will be rewarded with some bonus. You can also self refer if you can create many email addresses and clone the FinEstateCapital application then open many accounts with your unique referral code.

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The friends you refer don’t have to verify or complete KYC, all they need to do is download the app and sign up with your referral code.

How to Withdraw The Bonus on FinEstate Capital

There is currently no way to see the number of people you have referred other than messaging the administrators on Facebook. After getting some of your friends to sign up on the FinEstateCapital App with your code, message the admin on Facebook via HERE, submit your email address, phone number and network provider and wait for your airtime.

You get ₦200 Bonus for referring two to three people, now imagine if you are able to refer 200 people to the FinEstateCapital App? Do the maths yourself and drop your result in the comment section lol 😂

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