Finpto Review: Is Finpto Investment Legit Or Scam?

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Finpto Review

Finpto investment website was launched some days ago and like every other online earning platform with referral incentive, influencers have started sharing links and writeups about the website on their various pages. While I am not against promoting a platform for the sake of referral bonuses, what I’m against is concealing the truth for the sake of earning some petty bonuses at the expense of your followers thus the reason for this finpto review.

In this finpto review, we will be having a look at all the important information about finpto investment website and also finding out if finpto investment is legit or scam and sharing my personal thoughts on whether you should sign up and invest or not regardless of how viral the website may appear to be. Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

About Finpto Investment

Finpto investment with the url is an online investment website that allows users earn extra money when they invest a minimum of just $1 on either of the investment plans under Binance exclusive. Now when you invest money on finpto, you earn some extra revenue or ROI daily and in a short while according to the few writeups I have seen, you will earn back what you deposited.

Finpto was launched recently, I didn’t really bother about checking the actual launch date as I find that completely irrelevant or unnecessary in this case, finpto claims to be paying at the moment and funny enough the minimum withdrawal is not too high or unattainable for people but the big question remains, is finpto investment legit or scam? We will talk about that later, for now let’s find out other details about Finpto.

How Does Finpto Investment Work?

Finpto pays users up to 20% interest daily on whatever they invest. What this means is that, if you go for the $1 investment plan, you get to earn $0.20 per day for a period of 5 days you’ve regained back the initial deposit amount. There are numerous investment plans on finpto and they are categorised majorly into two namely;

  • Binance exclusive Investment plans which comprises of, the $1 investment plan to the $5 investment plan known as level 3 plan.
  • General investment plans which you can invest from $10 – $30,000 depending on your capability or what you can afford to risk.

How to Create An Account In Finpto Investment

To create an account on the website, simply hop into and click on register or sign up.

Fill the sign up form with your real details, though there is no verification requirement, you may lose or forget your password. So to make it easier and possible for you to recover the account, endeavour to use real details while creating an account.

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After creating an account, you will be logged into the main dashboard to recharge and pick one of the plans. Proceed to set up two way authentication with Google authenticator before you can deposit money and start earning some ROI.

How Finpto Referral Program Works

How Finpto Referral program works

You earn 20% commission of whatever your downline deposits or invests. This is very high and it could be the reason why numerous group owners are promoting the platform. But before you jump into signing up or risking that $1 no matter how small it may be to you, kindly have a look at my thoughts about the platform below.

Finpto Review – Is Finpto Investment Legit Or Scam?

Finpto is a scam website. It’s a Ponzi scheme that even though it’s paying currently, may not pay for long as things may go south anytime. You can just wake up one day to check your finpto account only to find out that the website is no more.

Ponzi schemes are not investment websites because as a user you are not actually investing anywhere. It’s a form of matrix, you send in money or invest in quotes and then the money will be used to pay people who are placing withdrawals at the time creating a false impression that the platform is paying while in the real sense, what is happening is simply rotation of funds from depositors or seeming, investors to the users placing withdrawals.

To top it all up, even the owners place withdrawals or take out money from the system for their own pockets therefore running down the Ponzi or hyip scheme in a short period of time. If you are really looking for a way to earn money, I’d advise you to stay away from not just finpto but all websites alike.

Finpto is a hyip scheme or crypto Ponzi scheme that will crash very soon. The referral rewards are very high, imagine paying users a whopping 20% of whatever their downlines deposit or invest on the platform. Where do you think the money to settle these too referrers will be gotten from? It will be gotten from you as the new investor and used to settle the referrers.

I made this same comment about and in less than 2 weeks after I published the review, it stopped paying. A platform that claims to be sustainable or has a long term goal in sight, shouldn’t pay out outrageous bonuses.

Finpto is purely an investment website as there is no free plan as we’ve seen on some websites. This is a red flag. From my assessment of the website, it’s a mere hit and run that may not even last for a week. So stay away from the platform, don’t allow anybody lure you into losing even your $1.

We’ve come to the end of this finpto review! If you enjoyed the article, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section and also join our telegram channel and group. Thanks.

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