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Firstsolar-ng Website: How to Earn Safely On The Platform

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Firstsolar-ng is a new earning website very much similar to transocean-ng. They offer same incentive plan and same referral offer; which means there is a way for you to smartly participate and not lose your money.

As we all know, earning websites like firstsolar-ng basically revolve the funds of newbies to keep the system going. Contrary to what they claim on the website, money or revenue is not generated from anywhere, it’s just a pyramid that is being sustained as new users keep registering and funding. In this article, I am not going to be doing any review of firstsolar-ng per say but going to show you how to safely earn from the platform.

But before that, it is very important to know when firstsolar-ng was launched. Knowing when the platform was launched will go a long way in giving you a form of insight as to whether it’s safe at the time of reading this article or not.

When Was Firstsolar-ng Earning Website Launched?

When firstsolar-ng was launched

Firstsolar-ng domain name was registered on officially on the 1st of August, 2022 meaning that the platform is still very much young, so your chances of losing money at the time of writing this article is very slim. The administrators of the website didn’t disclose their real details to public view so when it crashes, they won’t be held accountable but the expiry date of the domain is upto a year.

How to Safely Earn On Firstsolar-ng With Minimal Risk?

Firstsolar-ng like I stated in the beginning of this article came with similar structure as transocean-ng, so it is quite easy to get back your capital. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to safely earn on firstsolar-ng website;

1. Sign up On the Firstsolar-ng Website

2. Set up your first account and use your own referral link to create another account.

3. After creating the first and second account, deposit 3,000 after two days on the second account. This will fetch you free 300 Naira to complete the minimum withdrawal on the first account. 600 Naira welcome bonus plus the 100 Naira for waiting two days plus 10% referral bonus.

Place withdrawal with the first account and then wait for a day and withdraw from the second account; to get back more than 50% of your total deposit. Then wait for 3 days to get back your capital plus little gain.

Then wait for every 3 days and withdraw for as long as the platform lasts. If you can build a team smartly too, do so to earn well!

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