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Flux App review

If you are in search of a legitimate payment system that gives users the opportunity to send money both locally and internationally without paying any charges, Flux application should be the best choice. Flux is a payment application similar to Palmpay, Opay and the likes but there are some distinctive features on flux that never ceases to amaze me.

In order to understand what flux is all about more explicitly, there is a need to have a look at some of the mind blowing features of the app and to do that, we need to learn more about the app.

What is Flux App And Its Interesting Features?

Flux App as I have stated already is a payment platform that not only provides the opportunity for users to send and receive money but also incorporated crypto trading, option to save money in Dollar and Euro.

The importance of saving money in dollars or euro cannot be overemphasized because it helps one stay afloat in a country her currency is losing value on a daily basis. So there are numerous reasons why you should consider using the flux application.

Some of the interesting features of Flux application are listed below;

  • Option to save in dollars
  • Instant flux to flux transfers i.e. you can easily transfer money to other flux users without paying a dime.
  • Free bank transfers i.e. you can send money to all local bank accounts free or charge. This has to be one of the most interesting features of the app for me.
  • Crypto trading, you can buy, sell and deposit crypto using the flux application.
  • The flux App is very easy to use with no lags and the process of account verification is swift.

How to Get Started On Flux to Enjoy Free Bank Transfers

1. Download Flux Application from Google Playstore or Appstore depending on the type of device you use.

2. Launch the Flux App and create an account by filling your correct details because BVN will be required along the line for account verification.

3. When you are done creating a new account, login to your newly created Flux Account and proceed to utilise the interesting features. The app loads swiftly and easily, so there is no way you would encounter any lags or slow loading speed.

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What’s more interesting? You can start using the Flux App to conduct transactions as soon as your account creation is completed. Just click on Add Cash boldly indicated in the app and either use your Debit card to fund or transfer money to the unique Wema account provided for your own account.

Transfer money free on Flux App

Transfer money to your Wema account shown in the Flux App, immediately it reflects, you start Transacting. To transfer money to another person on the Flux App, just click on send cash, select the destination i.e. international or Local bank account, and enter the details of the recipient.

All money transfers on the Flux App are free no matter how many times you transact. Though no one knows when this policy will change but for the meantime, use it to the fullest and save yourself the stress of having to pay a certain amount each time you transact.

How to Use The Crypto Trading Feature On Flux Application

Crypto trading on flux App

Open the Flux App, click on the Crypto to access all the features, such as buy, sell and deposit in crypto. It works same way other crypto trading apps work, just search for the crypto you intend depositing into and select the network, then the address will be shown to you.

Flux App is an amazing way to transact without paying any extra charges, absolutely free and a good way to go. According to the administrators, the referral program will soon go live.

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