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Free 640 Naira airtime from survey

Do you know you can get free 640 Naira airtime when you answer a brief survey on inequalities in Nigeria? The Centre for Research On Peace And Development is conducting a brief survey for which after answering, respondents would be credited with airtime for the time spent. If you are the type of person who participates in the surveys we often post on the channel, the questions on this survey wouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

In this blog post without wasting time, I will be unveiling some of the things to know before answering the survey and the kind of browser to use, lastly when to expect the airtime. Below are the step-by-step procedure on how to answer the survey and get the airtime.

How to Get 640 Naira Airtime Free From Inequalities Survey

Centre for Research on Peace and Development

1. Ensure you have the real Facebook Application installed on your device. The reason is that, you will be directed to Facebook of which, you need to click on the link to access the survey. Click HERE to complete the ethnic

2. Open the survey link with either your Chrome browser, Firefox or via browser to avoid encountering avoidable errors while filling the survey questions.

3. Complete the survey genuinely, don’t rush it, answer reasonable questions and at the end you submit your phone number and network, then wait for some days to get the airtime. But in a situation where, you’re slapped with the disqualified response, follow the tips below to correctly answer the survey.

Tips Not to Get Disqualified From The Airtime Survey

If you receive an error message that you are not qualified for the survey, simply follow the guidelines stated below to be able to complete the survey.

Where did you see the survey: I saw it on Facebook

Gender: Female

Age: 22 yrs OR 28

Country: Nigeria

State you were born in: Jigawa OR Ondo State

State you currently live: Sokoto OR Edo

Highest level of Education: Upper secondary school, Or select Prefer not to say. You can also select Masters.

Self employed


Once you get past the above questions, there is no way you can be disqualified from the survey again. Just continue answering the survey questions as you like and submit number at the end of the survey to get your airtime.

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