Free Airtime Survey: Complete O-Survey Chatgpt Research & Win 200 Naira

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Anything related to free airtime surveys, free cash and free data has always been our main focus. So this is not the first time, I will be posting about a free airtime surveys, incase you are searching for free airtime surveys in Nigeria.

O-survey is conducting a research on Chatgpt in the bid to know whether people are aware of the various things that can be done with Chatgpt and also to know what people are currently doing with Chatgpt. It’s normally a Kenyan based survey but you can also participate as a Nigerian who is interested, as long as you follow the rules and also submit your phone number in the right format.

Without wasting much time, let’s dive into the main purpose of writing this article.

How to Get Free Airtime From O-Survey Chatgpt Survey

O-Survey free airtime survey

  •  First of all, you need to click this link –
  • Secondly, enter your full name and phone number. You need to be careful while entering your phone number, start it with 234 instead of 0. This is necessary if you wish to be credited with the airtime.
  • Like I said, it is not a Nigerian survey, so your country code needs to be visible if you really want to receive the airtime.
  • Then proceed with the survey, along the line, you will be asked to select colours. That’s a control question aimed at confirming if you are actually paying attention to the survey. So make sure you select Orange as the colour. Below is a screenshot of the control question.

O-surveys control question

  • Failure to pick the answer they want, it will be assumed you were not paying attention to the survey and your responses may be voided.
  •  Complete the survey and wait for the 200 naira airtime. It is a free airtime survey, so the reward doesn’t arrive immediately, it takes a day or two.

Submit and wait for the airtime and for the country, just select anyone from the list.

How to Get Unlimited Airtime From The Free Airtime Survey

They track IP address, so the moment you are done with one number, they wouldn’t allow you complete again.

But to bypass this and secure the airtime with your other lines, you can use incognito mode on your browser. Simply copy the survey link and paste on your incognito tab, then repeat the same process, submit with a new number; still make sure the country code is there when submitting.

Then wait for the airtime. Incognito makes it impossible for them to know you’ve answered before, so just keep answering with all your numbers and then wait for the 200 naira airtime rewards.

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