Legit Or Scam: How to Play Games And Earn Money

Join Our Telegram Channel Join our Telegram Channel is a new gaming platform that has been trending on various social networks for sometime now. It is very similar to Bbrfun, 100royal, NGAwin and the likes and I am sure, some potential users have questions like, is legit or scam?, Is paying or scam? etc, so we are going to examine some or these important questions.

In this article, we are going to have a look at how to make money daily on by playing games ranging from limbo, go rush, mines and many others. But before we get down to that, we will be knowing more about funapps and the available games on the platform that you as a new user can play for higher chances of winning.


Funapps is an online gaming platform where users play games and earn money daily. What it takes is, you funding your wallet with any amount you can afford to spare and then trying out any game you enjoy to start making some money.

Your chances of earning money on funapps is largely dependent on the kind of games you play, the amount you stake and the risk you take; yes, risk because there is also chance that you may lose what you deposited without earning a dime.

Games Available on

The games available on funapps are classified into four;





All these categories have Games but the JOGOS have limbo, Go rush, Hilo and Mines which from my opinion are the best games to play if you are a newbie or novice and would like to start making money faster.

How to Create Funapps account and Start Playing Games

Games Available on

  •  Create an account via HERE with your email and password.
  •  The sign up process is so simple because there is no verification needed. When you are done you will be given 1,000 gold coins but to use them, you have to deposit actual money.
  • Click on the diamond icon at the top right corner, and select the amount you wish to deposit starting from 1,000 naira.
  • You can deposit something less though, just select any amount and when an account to pay in is shown to you, send the amount you wish to deposit and confirm.
  •  The money usually reflects immediately after you’ve clicked on the confirm payment button. Then head back to funapps and start playing games.

From my experience, the two best games to try out are; limbo and Go rush. They are both like aviator and if you don’t allow greed get the better of you, then you would surely win something tangible.

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Make sure you set an auto-withdrawal level while playing the Go Rush, you can set it at 2.0x if you can’t take the risk and each time the rocket lasts for up to 2.0x your initial stake would be automatically doubled.

How Does Referral program work?

You get 10% of whatever your referral deposits in gold coin and also get 1.5% percentage up to the third level of all the games played by your referrals.

Is legit or scam legit or scam?

Funapps is a legit gaming platform though we don’t know if this will last for so long. But at the time of this publication, funapps is legit and paying. Some days ago, I used 1,000 naira to win a whopping 12,000 naira and when I placed withdrawal, the money was paid into my account.

So there is no denying the fact that the platform is real.

How to Withdraw From Funapps

How to withdraw from funapps

The minimum withdrawal is 2,000 naira, so once you earned up to that amount, click on the diamond icon and select withdraw, fill your account details and enter amount, then submit.

Payment often takes a couple of hours to arrive after withdrawal depending on the number of withdrawals before yours. So exercise patience.

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