Fundengame Review: Is Fundengame Scam? Find Out

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Is fundengame legit or scam?

Fundengame is an online casino gaming website where users can earn passive income daily simply by playing games. If you would like to earn some money from the time you spend online, then you may have to read this fundengame review because we will be going over some important details about the platform as well as how to earn money.

In this fundengame review as previously stated, we will be answering some very important questions about the casino gaming website and by the end of the article, you should have gotten enough facts to either prove whether fundengame is legit or scam. Without wasting much of time, let’s get started.

About Fundengame

Fundengame as the name implies is a gaming website with numerous casino games available for users to pick from. In recent times, we’ve witnessed the rapid influx of casino gaming websites, some of which couldn’t stand the test of time, while some others are still active with users losing and earning on a daily basis.

The principle of casino gaming websites is that, for winners to exist, there must have been losers i.e. people who staked money but weren’t able to earn anything or lost their stakes after failing to be victorious in whatever game they played. Fundengame happens to be one of the gaming websites that appears to have varied number of games for users to choose from.

Fundengame is a company registered under the laws and regulations of Nigeria with registration number RC7127913, with an operational license, No. LSLGA/OP/OC/FD150923 and as such, there is a level of credibility attached to fundengame website.

Ways of Earning Money On Fundengame

There are two main ways of earning money on fundengame and they are as follows;

Fundengame games

1. Playing games – like I said earlier, there are numerous games available on the platform ranging from mines, limbo, aviator, crash, fortune tiger etc and many other games in the mix for people who are not familiar with the ones mentioned above.

So no matter where you’re coming from or what your orientation is in casino gaming, fundengame from it’s set up should cater for your needs. Playing games is the conventional way of earning money on the platform but it doesn’t end there.

2. Referring Friends – another way to earn money on fundengame is by referring new users to the platform. For every user you refer to the platform, you earn 400 naira and it continues that way depending on the number of users referred. As long as your referrals deposited, you will be paid 400 naira for each person.

Fundengame Registration Process 

First of, you need to fill the fundengame sign up form; which involves, your email, phone number and password. Then submit and you will be logged into the main dashboard.

Secondly, after creating an account, you will be given free 188 naira to enable you play games. This is one of the interesting incentives on the platform and it can help save you the stress of depositing money in case you are skeptical about using your own money.

Select any of the games and start playing right away with the free welcome bonus.

How to Deposit/Withdraw From Fundengame

Fundengame Review

Interestingly, the minimum deposit on the platform is just 200 naira. Meaning you can get started with such a low amount in case you don’t have enough money. To deposit on fundengame, click on the brown envelope at the top right corner, select deposit and proceed to transfer the deposit amount to the account provided to you.

If you want to withdraw, click on same brown envelope and select withdraw, enter amount starting from 1,000 naira and above enter your account details. Payment arrives within some minutes according to the information on the page.

Fundengame Review – Is Legit or Scam?

The truth is that, fundengame may be legit at the moment judging from the fact that users who win money actually get paid but it doesn’t change the fact that there are bound to be losers and winners. In essence, it means you can also be the loser in any game you choose which could make you see fundengame as a scam.

So the legitimacy of a casino gaming website like fundengame is relative. As a user, you should just try as much as possible to contain your greed as that is usually what causes terrible losses especially when you’re playing with real deposits. This doesn’t mean there are no green and red flags or things I noticed while playing games on fundengame.

Green Flags

  • Low deposit and minimum withdrawal amount. This is a good indication because it will not only be much easier for users to play games but also withdrawals will not be as difficult as some other gaming websites. It’s actually a plus for fundengame.
  • The second green flag is that, fundengame is duly registered in Nigeria as a gaming website and as such, the chances of just running away with people’s money is lower but not impossible.
  • Free 188 naira welcome bonus which removes the stress of having to deposit in order to test run the website.

Red Flags

  • The win rate is kind of low, I tried playing the mines game even with my usual tactics, I kept losing; maybe because I was playing with the welcome bonus but it sent a red signal to me regarding the neutrality of the platform.
  • Fundengame doesn’t have a large social media presence. I checked their telegram channel and discovered they are not even active on the page and there are few posts from users about the platform. So if you’re depositing money on fundengame for now, ensure it’s money you can afford to lose.

We’ve come to the end of this fundengame review! If you enjoyed the article, feel free to join our telegram channel for more online money making reviews and updates. Thanks.

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