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MTN Free 700 airtime on Gamewin

Game Win: Answer 3 Questions And Get 700 Naira Airtime

MTN Free 700 airtime on Gamewin

Do you know that you can get free 700 Naira airtime free from MTN Game win by answering some questions on either sports or current affairs in the world. If you are well versed in sports information or current affairs, then here is your opportunity to get free airtime and the good thing is that, you can accumulate it.

In today’s article as already stated, we are going to have a look at how you can get free airtime of 700 Naira instantly and even up to 50,000 via MTN Game win promotion. Below are the step-by-step instructions you should follow to get your own share.

How to Get Free 700 Naira airtime on Your MTN Line Via Game Win

First of all, recharge your line with at least N100 because you will be needing at least 50 Naira to be able to participate in the Game.

✅ Secondly, text JP to 4446 and then follow the on-screen notification to fully activate the Game win subscription. After sometime, you will receive a link that will take you directly to the game.

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✅ Click on the link and answer the questions on either sports or current affairs and after answering at least 3  questions correctly and you will be rewarded with 700 Naira airtime instantly.

Now the question is, what if you are not versed in sports or current affairs? check out some of the past questions and answers that can facilitate your winning the game;

MTN Game Win Past Questions

1) cricked field length

22 yards

2) icc headquarters


3) which of the following is not a type of tennis court

Soft court

4) touchdown point in football

6 points

5) serena williams na which sport player


6) archery is a national sport in


7)Bullfighting is a national sport in


8) Which of this is not a football terms

Penalty strokes

9) beamer is a term in which sport


10) free throw is a term on which sport


11) chukker and mallet terms is used in


12) Sport person nicknamed dennis the manace

Pete samprass

13) frank worrel trophy…..

West Indies

14) youngest cricketer to claim hat trick

Naseem shah

15) ICC ODI cricketer of the year for 2019


16) Sarah Taylor plays for…


17) Narainkarthikeyan is into

Formular one car racing

18) chucker and mallet


19) how many players in cricket team


20) largest cricket stadium


21) the term beamer


22) Sarah Taylor is


23) in which game is the term putting


24) maximum permitted length of cricket pitch

38 inches

25) winner of first Cricket world cup

West Indies

26) how many snooker balls


27)Indias first captain


28) color of goal post


29. What’s the distance between the pooping cease and the stump on the cricket pitch

4feet 4 inches

30. Who scored the first Test century


31. whose name are engraved on the icc world trophy

32. the frank worrell trophy is a test match cricket series played between australia and

The west indies

33. Who among this tenis players has won the US mens title 2020

Dominic Thiem

34)jahangir khan is famous in which sport


35)Which male golfer was the winner of u.s open in 2018

Brooks Koepka

36) What should be the standard weight if cricket ball

5.7 ounces

37) Wembley is a famous stadium in


38) In which sport is the participant called pugilist


39.The distance Marathon race

26.2 miles

40. You are a spin bowler, and your preferred ball is called an off-break. Where would you normally aim to pitch this delivery?

Outside off stump

41. Standard weight of a cricket ball

Between 5&6

Study the questions well, before participating in the game to avoid failing since it involves N50 per sub.

MTN game win subscription

If you want to replay again, dial *447# and select 1 > active services and unsubscribe from the game win. After which you resend JP to 4446 to resubscribe again provided you have N50 airtime in your balance.

If you are able to answer the 10 questions you will be rewarded with 50,000 Naira, the reward is based on the number of questions you are able to answer correctly. So get on it ASAP!

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