Geniex App: How to Activate 1GB Data for 1 Naira On All Sims

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Geniex 1gb for N1 data offer

Did you know you can activate or enjoy 1gb data for 1 naira on GENIEX? If you are the type of person who is always online or has a lot of activities to complete online, it may interest you to know that this kind of bundle is possible and the good news is, you can enjoy this on all lines or sims depending on how many sims you have.

There is no way we can dive into explaining in details how to enjoy this mind-blowing data offer without explaining what GENIEX is about and what the data offer entails. In this article we are going to find out how to activate 1gb data for just N1 on GENIEX and also everything there is to know about the service pertaining to the free data and being able to use it.

About GENIEX App

About GENIEX app

GENIEX is a network provider that was designed to provide users with fast and affordable internet service anywhere and anytime. This means that the service has been designed specifically to always provide users with the fastest and most stable local network without being dependent on the service or browsing ability of the four major networks we make use of.

GENIEX offers a better service that doesn’t work with the major networks but it works just as well or even better with stable 4G connection. There is a limitation though, some devices are not yet supported by the service provider; which means you may not be able to use GENIEX, not because you don’t like the data offer but because your phone just doesn’t support it at the moment. Below are the list of devices that can use GENIEX at the moment;

List of Phones GENIEX App Currently Works On

  • CAMON 17P/17 Pro/18/19/19 Pro(4G)
  • SPARK 7P/8/9T/9 Pro
  •  POVA 2
  •  Infinix NOTE 10/10 Pro/12/12i/12 VIP
  •  HOT 10T/12/12i

There are not just the list of devices supported by GENIEX, there are some other devices for instance, the Tecno Spark 5 Pro has been included in the list of supported devices but have not been updated on the official website. So it’s advisable to try your own device, if it works, then you are good.

Most transsion devices are supported, which means devices like Samsung, Xiaomi and the likes may be left out of this interesting data offer and service. That aside though, let’s get down to the steps you need to follow in order to purchase the 1gb data for 1 naira on GENIEX app.

Steps to Buy 1gb Data for 1 Naira On GENIEX App 

How to activate 1gb data for 1 naira on GENIEX app

  • If your device is supported or you wish to confirm, simply download the Geniex App from Google Play Store and install it.
  • After installing, create an account; presently, you can only create an account with your phone number. When you are done, you will be logged into the main account dashboard, where you will see the trending offers.
  • Look out for the 1gb data offer. It’s a daily data plan and it’s just for new users at the moment or people who are not actively making use of the service. Click on it and activate the plan, you can either use palmpay account to make payment or you use your debit card via flutterwave or paystack.

You and I would agree that despite the validity period of this data plan, its still something anyone eligible for Geniex or whose device supports the service must try out. Since it’s a limited offer, make sure you try it out and if you wish to accumulate or enjoy the service more, simply follow the steps below.

How to Get GENIEX Data Offer On All Your Lines

To get it on all your lines, all you have to do is create more accounts with your sims and activate the data offer on the app as soon as you’re logged in. It is also worthy to note that Geniex works independently of any other network.

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So once you purchase the data, connect and start browsing with the Geniex service provider. The data won’t be sent to your phone number but be credited to your Geniex account for browsing.

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