Geopoll App: Get Free Airtime By Completing Surveys

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Geopoll app airtime surveys

Have you been looking for a means of getting free airtime online but have not seen a clear way of doing so? Look no further as we are going to be revealing a survey application or platform that rewards users with airtime bonus for completing short surveys directly on the Application.

Since we are talking about a survey application, there is need to talk about the survey app that rewards users with airtime briefly before we get down to business or how to start getting free airtime by completing simple surveys. The survey app is known as Geopoll.

What is Geopoll?

Geopoll survey app logo

Geopoll as the name implies is a platform that provides users with simple surveys on various topics for which after completing the surveys, the users get credited with some bonuses. It is available not just for Nigerians, Kenyans can also participate in Geopoll and people from many other countries. All it takes is downloading the Geopoll app from either Google Play store or apple store.

So you basically submit surveys and get credited with some bonuses which could either be redeemed as airtime or cash depending on your country of residence. For Nigerians, the only way to redeem is through airtime purchases which are often instant.

I started using Geopoll in 2017 and gained alot from the app simply by completing simple surveys three times daily of which each survey had ₦100 bonus attached to it. So I was basically making ₦300 per day on Geopoll in 2017 until things slightly changed and I lost my account.

How to Get Free Airtime Bonus On Geopoll Application

Geopoll Free Airtime survey app

1. Download Geopoll Application from Google Play Store or Apple store for iOS users.

2. After downloading the Geopoll App, simply sign up with your phone number, an OTP will be sent to verify the number you are about registering with. In the column provided for referral code, simply paste this code – ES4BGDX and submit.

3. When you are done registering, you may be given the startup survey that gives users free bonus upon registration. Simply complete the profile surveys and wait for new surveys. Now, the interesting aspect is that, you can also get free airtime surveys via SMS.

This comes occasionally and is usually rewarding and brief. So make sure you sign up with a real phone number you actively make use of, so you don’t miss the SMS surveys that come to registered users. Of recent, in-app surveys are not forthcoming, you just have to register, turn on all notifications and wait for a survey either on the app or via SMS. The bottom line is, you must be registered to get any form of incentive from the app.

How else Can I Earn On Geopoll App?

You can earn by referring users to the app. This is very small and you may even find it annoying but in second thoughts, getting some bucks for referring friends and family to something that will be beneficial to them in the long run is not such a bad idea.

When you refer friends and family members and they sign up with your referral code, you get credited with ₦20 bonus which can be redeemed immediately your balance hits 150 Naira.

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That’s another easy way to earn on Geopoll app but apart from that, you have to wait for surveys on the app or via SMS. Download the app and sign up to secure future airtime surveys via SMS.

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