Get 500 Naira Airtime And Upto 5k By Completing A Survey

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Free 500 Naira airtime survey

Are you aware you can get free 500 Naira airtime and Upto 5k when you complete a simple survey? There is an ongoing sexual harassment survey that was put in place to help those battling with sexual harassment in three major institutions in Nigeria.

Now the good thing is that, you can also complete the survey for a chance to get your own share of the free airtime. All you need to do is claim to be a student of the eligible institutions and fill the survey calmly and genuinely. When you are done filling the survey, you will be rewarded with 500 Naira airtime recharge pin.

In this blog post, I am not just going to walk you through on how to get the 500 Naira airtime but also how to accumulate the airtime on many Sims. Without wasting time, below are the steps you need to follow to get your own share of the airtime.

How to Get Free 500 Naira Airtime On Any Network

1. Firstly you need to complete the Survey with any browser such as chrome, Firefox or even brave browser.

2. The survey is slightly lengthy, so it may take you a couple of minutes to complete, while answering ensure you have gone through whatever question before filling the survey and most importantly answer genuinely.

Sexual harassment survey for free airtime

3. After answering the survey, you will be prompted to enter your phone number and mobile network. Enter the correct phone number and select the network then submit and wait for your airtime voucher pin/code.

If you wish to accumulate the airtime on all your lines, then you need to follow the instructions below;

How to Accumulate Upto 5k Airtime Free Of Charge

To accumulate more than the 500 Naira airtime, you need to download Via Browser from Google Play Store and then launch the app and use it to complete the survey.

The reason is that if you try completing the survey more than once, the system will detect it and give you an error response but with via browser, you may not encounter this error.

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