Get Free 1.8GB Data On Your GLO From Opay Instantly

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GLO free data from Opay

Are you aware that you can get free 1.8gb data on your GLO line from Opay Application easily? Glo recently announced a new promotion that aims at rewarding new and existing Opay users on GLO Network with free data which can be activated from the Opay activity page. If you are a Glo customer, then you should keep calm and read this article till the very last word.

Basically in this article, we are going to have a look at some information you should utilize in order to get your own share of the free data from GLO. Note this offer is for Glo customers and as such, customers or subscribers from other networks can sit around and wait for an offer similar to this; if there will be in the future. That’s by the way anyways, to get your data from GLO, you need to follow simple instructions.

How to Get Your Free GLO Data From Opay App

✅ Download Opay Application directly from Google Playstore by clicking HERE

✅ After installing the Opay Application, sign up with same Glo number and fill all the details accurately. The registration is quite simple, so you won’t likely encounter any problems or hitches. When you are done signing up, login to your newly created account, on the dashboard, you will see an option to claim 1.80GB data. Below is a screenshot of what the tab will look like.

Glo free data from Opay

✅ Click on it and enter your GLO number to claim the 1.8gb data instantly. The data is valid for 14 days.

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But if you are an existing customer, simply update your Opay app if it’s not up-to-date and then launch the app, sign in with your GLO line and then claim the 350mb. Old customers can get free 350mb while new Opay users on the GLO network are eligible for 1.8gb.

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