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Musix App free airtime

You can get free 200 Naira airtime and even more from Musix Application when you complete simple tasks. Musix as the name implies is a music player similar to Boomplay and the likes but the difference is just that, there is an option to get some tokens on the App when you complete some tasks.

In this blog post, I am going to revealing how you can get free airtime from Musix Application. All it takes is ability to follow instructions and you can have the airtime smiling in your airtime balance. But before that, let’s have a look at some of the features of musix App.

Features Of Musix Application

  • Play offline songs seamlessly
  • Play songs in shuffle, order or loop mode.
  • Scan all the music files automatically, manage and share songs
  • View by songs, artists, folders and playlist
  • Easily a Create playlist
  • Stylish layout
  • Sync songs to cloud

Those are the distinctive features of Musix App but it doesn’t end there. There is also an option to get free airtime and below are the steps to follow;

How to Get Free Airtime From Musix Application

1. Download and Install Musix Application from Google Play Store 

Playlist option on Musix app

2. Launch the Musix App after installation and select your country as soon as you open the app. Then click on Playlist, wait for some seconds to see the Lucky money and wallet option.

3. Click on Lucky money, spin the wheel to get an airtime offer. It can be 100 Naira offer, 40 Naira or even 10 Naira, tap on GO to complete the task, sometimes it could be to drop a review on an app on play store or downloading an app. Once completed, the prize will be added to your wallet.

Airtime on Musix App

4. Continue the process to get upto 200 Naira airtime or more then click on your wallet, enter phone number, select network and withdraw the balance. It’s fully legit.

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Enjoy and feel free to share to friends and loved ones who may want some free airtime.

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