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You can get free airtime of upto 3k when you complete a survey on Flavorwiki. Flavorwiki is a market research platform that rewards users for giving their feedback on certain products from time to time.

All you have to do to get started is register on the Flavorwiki website, snap the product you are reviewing and then answer all the questions that follow. This time around the Flavorwiki platform is conducting a research on some products like coca cola, Bournvita and they are rewarding users who answer the surveys handsomely.

So in today’s article, I am going to walk you through on how to get your free airtime from Flavorwiki website. This post is coming late though, as the update came to my notice some days ago but I was skeptical about it.

How to Get Airtime From Flavorwiki Website

Flavorwiki free airtime surveys

✅ Sign up on Flavorwiki Website, fill your correct details. The registration steps are brief and concise, just ensure you fill your correct phone number and email address.

✅ You will be required to verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your registered email address. After verification, login to your main dashboard and you will see some product surveys.

✅ For some people, it gives them an opportunity to complete a product survey on any cocoa beverage such as Cadbury, Bournvita etc. Just answer the few questions that will follow, till you get to the stage of uploading a picture of a sachet used Bournvita with your thumb either facing upwards or downwards to prove originality.

✅ You can simply purchase a Bournvita sachet and use it for the survey. It’s quite self explanatory and straight forward. When you are done with the Bournvita survey, you will be credited with 2,000 Naira on the website; which should be available after some hours due to verification.

✅ Then the second survey is on products such as coca cola or any other product like indomie etc. You will see the available ones on your dashboard when you click on the surveys. Follow the same steps to complete the survey to get qualified for the free 1k airtime.

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That’s all for the surveys. The survey verification process takes some hours before it will be credited to your wallet on Flavorwiki.

How to Withdraw From Flavorwiki Website

Flavorwiki free Airtime proof

There is no option for withdrawal, once the survey has been approved after examination, you will get your free airtime within 5 business/working days. That means if you do it today, there is every likelihood that it will arrive before Friday next week. So why not rush it to get your own airtime.

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