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Gistrealz End of The Year Airtime GiveAway – How to Qualify



Last year we enjoyed GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat but this time around, we have enjoyed numerous cheats ranging from MTN Unlimited Cheat Via Techoragon VPN, EC Tunnel VPN etc coupled with the GLO Unlimited Night Browsing Cheat and So much more.



Though they are all cheats and can be blocked at anytime, I’m just glad that Gistrealz Members enjoyed these cheats one way or the other. The year is about ending, as a matter of fact, it’s only remaining 19 days and I must confess that it’s been a tough year and also a memorable year because for once I had enough time to spend with my members and even worked together like a big family that we are.
The festive season is here again and I’ve been thinking of the best way to appreciate my members. So after much thought, I came to the conclusion that the best way to end this lovely and yet terrible year is to run a little giveaway for my members. But it’s not just a giveaway as there is an eligibility criteria. 
Who is a Gistrealz Member
Any participant that has saved Ericksson’s Number as Gistrealz and also submitted his or her own name to him. I believe many of us have not done this and it’s quite compulsory if you want to participate in this giveaway. To do that, just tap the link below.
Clicking the link above would take you to Ericksson’s Direct message box immediately, simply save his number and also drop your name. It’s as easy as ABC. 
Where is the Airtime Giveaway Going to Happen?
Gistrealz has over 4 WhatsApp groups and since we can’t merge all of them together, the giveaway will hold in the main group. It’s going to be a question and answer giveaway, fastest fingers and one person can win unlimitedly i.e. as long as the giveaway lasts. There is no limit, just master the answers to the questions coming on that day. 


Feel Free to Join the Our Main WhatsApp Group by Clicking HERE
It is going to be fun and jokes on that day and many participants will win because it’s not just going to be any kind of giveaway. Just make sure you follow the rules of the game. 
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