How to Activate GLO 4gb for 500 Naira And 10gb for 1k

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GLO users can enjoy 4gb for 500 Naira and 10gb for 1,000 naira when they activate the GLO football data plan. It’s now called the Match day special data offer and it’s just for streaming football matches but then, there is a way to use the plan to power all internet activities besides what it was initially meant for.

In this article we are going to have a look at how to activate the GLO 4gb for 500 Naira and 10gb for 1,000 naira football data plans. Additionally, we will be finding out how to use the GLO football data plan to browse and power all websites.

About GLO Match Day Special Data Plans

GLO 4gb for 500 Naira and 10gb for 1k

GLO match day special data plans are data offers designed for users who are lovers of football. The aim is to provide users who love watching football the opportunity to enjoy and follow up on their favourite matches without having to pay through their nose in the name of data purchases.

How to Activate GLO 4gb for 500 Naira And 10gb for 1k Football Plan

  • To activate the GLO football plans, you need to dial *777# and select Data, then Match Day Special Data Offer, you will see the two data plans.
  • You will see 4gb for 500 Naira valid for 1 day and the 10gb for 1,000 naira data plan.
  • All you have to do is select the one your airtime balance can purchase and you are good to go.

Having seen how to activate the GLO football data plan, the next step is to know how to use the plans to power all websites and internet activities during the validity period.

How to Power All Websites And Apps With GLO Football Data Plans

1. To power all websites, you can either go with Ha tunnel vpn or Thunder VPN.

If you are going for the ha tunnel vpn, then you would have to download the config file needed to power the data. Download the config file from HERE.

2. If you are using thunder VPN, then launch the all and start connection after purchasing either of the GLO football data plans.

Downsides of The GLO Match day Special Data

1. It’s only valid for a day. This sucks so much and it will be a huge deal breaker for people who intend trying this offer. The only people who will enjoy the GLO football plans are heavy downloaders or gamers who just need data to download a large file.

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2. The data can only be tunnelled using a VPN. This is a deal breaker for many as some people detest anything that has to do with VPN and additionally, the virtual private network apps mentioned are only available on Android. So iPhone users are automatically left out of this equation.

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