GloRewards Cashtoken Promo: Recharge & Win Cash, Phones And Vouchers

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GloRewards Cashtoken promo

The GloRewards Cashtoken is a promo put in place by Glo network to reward active subscribers who recharge up to 1,000 naira cumulatively in a month with an opportunity to win various prizes such as cash rewards, smartphones etc. If you are an active Glo subscriber, then there is need for you to opt into the promo as there are no charges attached to it or fees, just use your Glo sim.

In this article, we will be having a look at some detailed information about the GloRewards Cashtoken promo which includes the various prizes to be won, eligibility criteria if any, how to opt in or participate in the GloRewards Cashtoken and much more. Without wasting your time or boring you with too much text, let’s get down to the business of the day.

What is GloRewards Cashtoken

GloRewards Cashtoken promo

The GloRewards Cashtoken is a promotion put in place by Glo network to give back to her subscribers in form of cash rewards, smart phones and much more when they simply keep their lines active by recharging up to 1,000 naira in a single month.

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The more you recharge, the higher your chance of getting rewards from the GloRewards Cashtoken promo. When users meet the stated requirement or the recharge amount, they will be added to the draw for a chance to win 5,000 naira –  100million naira. Additionally, once you enroll in the Cashtoken promo you will get a guaranteed cashback of 8 naira and above as long as you meet the required recharge amount.

Prizes to Be Won On GloRewards Cashtoken Promo

  • Cash rewards ranging from 5,000 – 100 million naira in the raffle draw.
  • Gloworld gift vouchers worth 10,000 naira.
  • Samsung A05 Phones and Samsung A54 Phones

Those are the major prizes to be won on the GloRewards Cashtoken and all these can be won by users who just recharge their lines.

How to be Eligible For GLO Cashtoken Rewards

How to be Eligible for GloRewards Cashtoken

To be Eligible you must first of all meet the minimum recharge requirement which is a cumulative recharge amount to the tune of 1,000 naira and above. You have to recharge up to 1,000 before you even qualify for the weekly draws.

Then to enroll into the GloRewards Cashtoken promo, simply dial *301*8#, select 1 which is opt in and from then, start recharging your line for a chance to win rewards from the ongoing Cashtoken promo. You also get to enjoy 8 naira cashback on recharges which will be added to your digital Cashtoken wallet.

How to Redeem Cashtoken Rewards

Cash prizes will be added to the subscriber’s digital Cashtoken reward wallet and the money can be used to purchase airtime, data and can also be withdrawn to your local bank account.

To redeem your cash prizes dial, *6700# then select Reward wallet, check your balance to confirm if any cash has been added and if yes, proceed to withdraw or use it to pay bills if the reward is too infinitesimal.

That’s all for the GloRewards Cashtoken promo! In case you have been wondering how it works and how to get started, this article must have served as a source of enlightenment. Feel free to share and join our telegram group and channel for mor interesting money making updates. Thanks.

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