Gmail Trick: Use One Gmail Address to Open Many Accts On Any Platform

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Create many accounts using on Gmail address

Are you aware that you can use one Gmail address to create many accounts on a platform without having to use disposable mails? Disposable mails look spammy and as such, some platforms easily detect them and also, in some cases, before we are able to use these disposable mails others will have used to them to do same thing.

So, in this article, I am going to be revealing a simple trick on how to use one Gmail address to create many accounts on a platform.

If you are creating an account on any platform that detects disposable mails or doesn’t accept such mails, then you can use this trick to use one email address to create many accounts and still receive whatever verification code on same account.

This is a veritable tool for people who participate in many of the online platforms that require having many referrals. So there is need for you to read till the very end.

How to Create Many Accounts On Any Platform Using One Gmail Address

The procedure is quite simple and doesn’t even require you to be a techie in order to effectively do it. All it takes is for you to obey instructions.

If you are creating an account on any online money making platform that rewards people for many accounts and you’ve exhausted all available mails, then you can use this simple trick, let’s take for instance; your Gmail is

When you have created an account with the Gmail, to create more accounts with the same Gmail, you just have to add full stop in between some letters in the Gmail address.

Here; instead of creating new Gmail since we know how stressful it can be, just create another account and enter, the system wouldn’t detect or record it as same address. You know the funny thing, the verification code will still arrive in your main inbox.

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To create more accounts, just change position of the full stop. Instead of entering, just change it to and continue like that to create as many accounts as possible with same email and also receive all verification codes on one mail.

This method is working and very easy, you don’t have to create many gmails or use disposable numbers to avoid being busted.

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