Gmg Review: Is Scam? Find Out!

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Gmg review 2024

Gmg is a popular earning website that has crashed a couple of times and being relaunched by the owners. Despite how many times it’s crashed, some how people still return to participate. So in this gmg review, we will be examining some of the details about this newly launched or relaunched to know if it’s legit or scam.

In this article as already stated, we will be having a look at gmg review and the article is intended to cover various aspects of the platform such as whether is legit or scam, gmg registration guide and how to start earning money on the platform upon registration. Without wasting much time, let’s dive straight into the topic of today.

About GMG 2024 (

Gmg is an online earning website that claims users can earn 25% of whatever they invest daily. Pause for a moment and read what I just typed again. 25% is incredibly high and as such, you stand a chance of earning back what you deposited in 3-4 days of consistent withdrawals and also stand a very high risk of losing all you deposited because as always gmg can always crash.

Gmg Investment Plans

The investment plans on gmgtrys starts from 2,500 Naira to 500,000 Naira and there is a total output or income a user can get from all the plans. The smallest plan which is 2,500 will fetch you 625 naira on a daily basis and you can withdraw this daily income till you are able to regain all your capital. Below is a screenshot of some of the available investment plans on gmg.

Gmg investment plans 2024

Your income depends on the amount invested. The gross income is the total amount you can earn with the amount deposited. So if you invest 2,500 naira, you earn 625 naira per day and maximum of 18750 naira by the end of the plan. This sounds too good to be true.

How to Create Account On GMG (Gmgtrys)

To create an account on the relaunched version of gmg, simply hop into the website and click on Sign up.

Then fill the registration form and complete the sign up proces; after which, you will be logged into your main dashboard to select from the available investment plans. Select the investment plans that suits your pocket or you can risk losing and start earning daily income from gmg.

Minimum Withdrawal On Gmgtrys

Gmg minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on the gmg 2024 relaunched version is, 500 naira and to withdraw, click on the withdrawal option on your dashboard and submit the amount including your account details.

Immediately the money will be transferred to your bank account i.e. at the time of withdrawal, the platform is still available i.e. hasn’t crashed.

Gmg review – Is Legit Or Scam?

Now to the main question that qualifies this to be a gmg review, is legit or scam? The answer is no. Gmg is a scam. It’s a hyip scheme or ponzi platform that will eventually crash with a lot of deposits from users.

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There is need to deposit only what you can afford to lose as there are numerous red flags on the platform. First one being that gmg has crashed before in the past and only relaunched this time, writing off the previous deposits by users, so if you’re investing on the platform, it’s important you know what you’re risking.

They don’t generate money externally, the funds being paid to new users in the name of profit or income on investment are deposits from other investors or new users who are oblivious of what the platform is about or what will happen in the nearest future. So if you must invest or even register on Gmgtrys, be sure to do so with your spare money.

We’ve come to the end of this gmg review! Did you participate in the previous gmgtrys? If you did, do well to share your experience (bitter or sweet) in the comment section. Thanks.

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