Goatly Farm Review, Legit Or Scam: Earn 45% In 15 Days

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Goatly farm is a new earning platform that fully copies the working arrangement of defunct Catly. On goatly, they still claim to give users extra 45% on all deposits made into the platform after a period of 15 days.

So in this Goatly Farm review, we will be touching various areas such as finding out if goatly is legit or scam and also talking about the earning metric of the platform i.e. how you can earn 45% in just 15 days. Firstly, let’s start by introducing goatly briefly based on what they claim to be.

About Goatly Farm

Goatly claims to be a revolutionary crypto project that is believed to reshape the digital financial landscape and the driving force for its launch is the passion for Blockchain technology and the administrator’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to the crypto community.

There are certain features of goatly you should expect and they are as follows;

1. GameFi – this is a staking platform and a guaranteed buyback before listing in the market.

2. Tokenomics – goatly has carefully designed their tokenomics to provide value to early supporters while maintaining long-term sustainability.

3. Roadmap – they have an exciting roadmap ahead which includes partnerships,sitings and platform enhancements coming soonest.

Goatly Farm Review: Is Goatly Legit or Scam?

Goatly farm review, payment proof

While goatly may claim to be a cryptocurrency project that has revolutionary vision and all, there is no denying the fact that, it’s a Ponzi scheme. Goatly works in similar way as Catly, as a matter of fact, if I’m to suggest, I’d say they copied the latter in a rather absurd way.

Goatly farm is not a legit platform. Ponzi schemes are newer legit, they pay some group of people and then crash along the line but since you are an early bird, you can just participate or secure their free 40 GTF tokens which they are giving out as welcome bonus.

Personally, I won’t advise anyone to deposit on goatly, unless you can afford to lose the deposited amount. It might pay a certain group of early birds now but things will certain turn sour along the line, so be wise and if you must participate, do so when it’s still very early.

Goatly Farm Login

To login to your Goatly account, simply click on Goatly.farm and select login, then fill in your email and password.

The login process is very easy.

How to Get Free 40 GTF Tokens On Goatly 

How to get free 40 GTF tokens on Goatly

Firstly you need to create an account and to do this, click HERE. Fill the registration form and submit.

There is no email verification or phone number verification, so immediately you are done filling and submitting the form, hit the login button and sign into your account.

On your Dashboard, you will see the option to stake, just click on Token > then click on Claim airdrop. You will be asked to fill in some details to confirm your identity.

One of the details required is your Binance UserID. This is a mechanism put in place to prevent people from creating multiple accounts and defrauding the system of the free tokens. Submit your details including your Twitter username and then wait for some days.

It takes 2-3 days before you will be rewarded with the free 40 GTF tokens which you will stake on the platform for 15 days in order to earn free $0.9. This is like a welcome bonus from the platform, so whatever amount you receive, you have to appreciate unless you are ready to deposit.

When you deposit, you will earn 45% of whatever you deposit in 15 days. During the 15 days, your deposit will be locked and only released after the lock period has elapsed.

Goatly Farm Review: How to Withdraw

How to withdraw from goatly

To Withdraw, you would have to sell your GTF funds. When it has matured after 15 days, click on sell and it will be automatically sent to the Binance Bep20 wallet address you submitted in the beginning when you signed up.

The payment is automatic at the moment but no one knows what the future holds.

Goatly Farm Referral Program 

Goatly referral program runs in 10 levels; which entails you earn from the first level referrals to the 10th! That’s amazing and also a very negative sign judging from the fact that, huge referrers have the potential to milk the system dry even before things kick off.

This is another downside of goatly and why I wouldn’t advise anyone to deposit unless he or she is ready to risk the amount.

What I would rather advise is to register, claim the free token, stake it, withdraw the proceeds after 15 days and close the tab. Ponzi schemes that have the owners can always close at anytime.

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