Grass Review: Sell Bandwidth On & Get Rewards

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Grass review

Grass a fintech that lets users earn passive income when they sell unused bandwidth. Grass has grown to be a huge community with numerous users accumulating grass on a daily basis without doing anything special. So to ensure it gets to everyone, we will be having an indepth grass review to not only introduce to you but also look at some important aspects such as it’s legitimacy and much more.

In this grass review, we will be answering some important question such as, whether is legit or scam website, how to redeem grass rewards and also how to start selling your bandwidth for grass. Without wasting much time let’s dive into the topic of the day.

About Grass (

Grass is a platform that lets you earn passive income by selling your unused bandwidth without compromising your privacy or leaking out your information. How goes grass do this? The platform simply allows verified companies use your idle bandwidth without accessing your personal information, so all you have to do is set it up and it starts running on your idle bandwidth.

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According to the information on, all buyers of the bandwidth are vetted and monitored ensuring that there is no misuse and illegal activity and also they use up about 0.3% of your bandwidth at any time and this happens majorly when you’re not using your full bandwidth. This way, your data connection speed or Internet speed doesn’t get impacted negatively in the bid to run grass.

Grass Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

Grass is a new project that is still in beta stage, so there is no way of generally concluding that it’s legit or scam. Grass looks solid as a project looking at it on the surface level and the popularity of the project also makes it worthy of giving some thoughts.

I mean, it takes nothing away from a user, since all you have to do is create an account and set up the grass extension in your browser and allow it run in the background. The longer it runs or your data connection is on, the more grass will be recorded in your account and this means, the higher your rewards when they eventually kickstart redemption. The stress-free nature of setting up grass and running it, makes whatever it comes with, worth every effort and time.

How to Create And Set up Grass Browser Extension

Firstly, you need to download Mises Browser from either Play store or App store. The reason is, you can add an extension on the mises browser easily using your phone.

After download Mises Browser, launch it and paste this grass link  in the address bar and open the website. Then create an account on grass.

How to set up grass extension

Immediately after creating the account you will be logged into the main dashboard with a 0 grass balance and an option to “connect”.

Click on connect and you will be taken to a new page on mises browser to add the extension to your browser. Check the screenshot illustration below for better understanding extension

Click on the add and wait for the grass extension to be added to your browser. Once that is done, click on the extension icon showing close to the address bar on mises and select the grass extension, then sign into your grass account again and then the previous Connect button showing on your dashboard, will change to “Connected” which means as long as your data connection is on, your grass rewards will be increasing.

Endeavour to check it from time to time to ensure everything is still reading as it should.

When Will Grass Be Launched?

There is no stated date for launch but the administrators are working on ways for users to redeem the grass accumulated. According to the FAQ page on grass, users will be able to redeem their grass tokens via crypto, gift cards or PayPal. The meaning is that, the more grass you have, the higher your potential rewards will be.

So what are you waiting for? Start accumulating grass as soon as possible. To better answer all the questions you may have about the platform and to make this grass review richer, refer to the Frequently Asked questions should you have more doubts or need further information about Grass.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grass (

1. What rewards can I expect?

  • As an early adopter, you’ll benefit from selling unused bandwidth and gain a stake in an innovative network poised to index the web. It’s not just income; it’s an investment in the future of the internet.

2. How will I receive my rewards?

  • Your rewards from Grass will be seamlessly credited to your account. We are currently considering diverse payment options including cryptocurrencies, gift cards, and PayPal. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

3. What does Grass do? How is it safe?

  • Grass lets you earn passive income by selling your unused bandwidth without compromising your privacy. It allows verified companies to use your idle bandwidth without accessing your personal information. All buyers are vetted and monitored, ensuring no misuse or illegal activity. Grass only uses up to 0.3% of your bandwidth at any time and will not affect your internet speed as it functions only when you’re not using your full bandwidth.

4. How Do I  Contact Grass support?

To reach their support team, simply join the grass discord group. There is no other way of getting to them at the moment.

We’ve come to the end of this grass review! If you feel will be a worthy project, then start accumulating grass as it doesn’t involve any stressful process. Thanks.

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