Green Network Review: Is Airdrop Legit?

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Green Network review

Green Network is an airdrop website that was launched very recently with an opportunity for users to farm the grc token simply by signing into the website/app on a daily basis. But since it’s a new platform, one thing has become our tradition and that is to review it, talk about the potential red flags as well as green flags. For the purpose of this green network review, we will discuss, how to accumulate grc tokens and some other important information so that by the end of the article, you’d have either come to the conclusion whether it’s worth the stress or not. 

In this green network Review therefore, we will be having a look at the sign up process, how to get grc tokens on a daily basis and many other information pertaining the accumulation of the grc on green Network application. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get down to the main purpose of writing this article right away.

About Green Network (

According to the information on the official website, green Network aims at being the gateway to web3 world for users. The primary goal is to ensure all users have access to the web 3.0 world. The platform is still very much young and as such, early adopters are being rewarded with grc airdrops which will in the right time be distributed to all participants.

Currently, the app has not been uploaded to any store, so the main way of accessing the green Network is through the website or you download the half-baked app from their website for Android users to make claiming of airdrop less stressful.

Green Network Review – Is Legit or Scam?

Since this is a green network review, there is no escaping this question as it is very important. Well, from my analysis, green network doesn’t appear to be scam or a waste of time. They have a clear roadmap that is very reasonable for both long term community members and short term users who are just there for the airdrop.

It’s stated boldly on the green Network website that, users wouldn’t have to pay a dime in order to claim the grc airdrop when it’s time and the various stages to mainnet and what they intend to achieve at every phase is clearly stated on the website.

Personally speaking, I would say it’s wise to be an early user or pioneer of green Network so you can get the airdrops when they are distributed.  Am I saying there is no chance that green network could turn out to be a pure waste of time? No, one can’t really predict crypto projects.

Except for some that clearly have no plan or roadmap; platforms like green network often follow their roadmap, so at the end, you will certainly have more to gain.

Green Network Sign Up Process

Like I said, you can get the application from any store at the moment, the only way to get started to by signing up on the green Network website.

You can access it via the link attached above, fill the sign up form and then on the calendar you will find a finger icon pointing to today’s date, tap on it to claim the grc airdrop token for today.

Repeat the process on a daily basis to earn more grc token. The daily claim amount is 100 grc but you can earn more when you claim consecutively for days as some days have extra incentives attached.

Green Network referral

To claim more grc you have to refer people to the platform and to do this, click on the three lines at the top right corner, tap on referral, then copy your referral link and share. You get extra grc airdrop for every person who creates an account and start claiming the tokens using your link.

How to Complete Kyc on Green Network

Green Network kyc | grc airdrop

There is an added task you have to do in order to be ready for the drop, ensure you complete kyc on the website with your government issued identity card.

Simply click on the three lines at the top right corner, select KYC and fill the information with the required ID card and then you can copy your ERC20 address from trust wallet and submit to the website. This is to prepare for the airdrops whenever they get ready to distribute rewards.

When will Green Network Grc Airdrop Be Launched?

According to their roadmap like I stated earlier, we should be expecting mainnet at the last quarter of the year, 2024. Before you get discouraged though, bear in mind that the airdrops will be distributed to the wallets of early users in the third quarter of the year.

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So you should be expecting your airdrops i.e. the airdrops being claimed now at in the third quarter of this year. It’s not as far as some would have imagined considering the project just started. But regardless, I personally take that as a green flag. Some projects waste so much time and still turn out to be flops, so the earlier the better.

We’ve come to the end of this green network review. Are you going to start claiming the grc airdrop daily? Do well to share your thoughts and join our telegram channel for more interesting online money making reviews and updates.

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