Halofi Dapp – How to Earn Free $0.50 Using Valora Wallet

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Halofi dApp save and earn

Halofi is a dApp that enables users save money in foreign currency in order to retain the value of their monies without much hassles or stress. Halofi dApp is doing something interesting for new users who test out savings as they are rewarding users with up to $0.50 for free when they link their wallets and use the savings feature.

In this article, our primary focus is not just going to be on how you can get the free bonus but also how Halofi works and a general understanding of the term, dApps. If you are a cryptocurrency person, you should know what it means but for the sake of the newbies in the game, we will be looking into that, then finally how to get the bonus.

About Halofi

Halofi is a decentralized saving application that runs on most crypto wallets. It is important to also mention that halofi disowns any idea that they provide investment or financial advice to users, so what you are basically going to be doing on the halofi Dapp is to save money in the bid to retain the worth of your hard earned income.

This is necessitated by the constant devaluation of the naira and the hardship caused by it. Due to the constant devaluation, people are always looking for ways to retain the worth of the money they have and that’s what led to the development of halofi.

What are dApps?

dApps are decentralized applications or digital applications and programs that run onan decentralized network rather than a single server or computer. These digital programs live on decentralized networks thus the reason you can find them on crypto wallets like Trust wallet, Metamask etc.

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Now the interesting thing is that, halofi is giving users free $0.50 and you know what that means for literally doing nothing. You just save up to $1 worth of Celo USD on the platform from your crypto wallet and get free $0.50 within 24 hours. The bonus can be withdrawn to your wallet instantly as well.

How to Earn $0.50 From Halofi dApp Using Valora

For the sake of this article and for better understanding, we will be using the valora wallet.

If you don’t have valora in the past, just download it from either Play store or Apple Store. After downloading, create a wallet with or without your phone number and then when logged into your main dashboard, click on Receive, copy your Celo address and send at least $1.50 worth of Celo to the address.

You can buy from a vendor or simply send from Binance if you have assets and immediately it reflects on valora, tap on the swap button on your dashboard, swap from Celo to Celo USD or Celo Dollar. It’s very easy and swift. But while swapping leave up to $0.10 preferably as Celo.

How to locate halofi on valora

Then click on the three lines at the top left corner, tap on dApps, on the page search for Halofi Save, it will show up, tap on it and proceed to connect your valora wallet to the halofi Dapp.

After connecting your wallet, you will be logged into the application. Click on the plus icon or simply click on Deposit, and enter $1, proceed to send the money using your valora wallet.

How to save on halofi.me

Authenticate the transaction and once the $1 gets added to halofi, click on the goals option to create a savings goal or plan. It’s your choice to select anything you want but make sure you save up to $1, the money from your balance will be used to create a savings goal. While filling the savings option, ensure you enter email as that is where you will be notified when the bonus gets credited to your wallet.

Create the savings goal and then close the dApps. Wait, you should be credited within 24 hours.

How to Withdraw From Halofi

To withdraw, simply tap on the withdraw button directly under deposit, authenticate and the money will be sent back to your valora wallet or any linked wallet you used in doing it. It’s as simple as abc, you can also check out the video guide on our telegram channel incase you’re lost at any point.

Thanks! That’s how to earn free $0.50 from halofi dApp Using Valora Wallet. Do well to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting money making updates and reviews.

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