How to Get Free 500 Naira Bonus On Hope PSB

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Hope PSB free 500 Naira bonus

Hope PSB is giving away 500 Naira bonus to all users who sign up and create a wallet either through their ussd code or via the Hope wallet application. Hope PSB is a payment service bank that helps users conduct simple transactions online without having to use conventional bank applications.

The good news is that, they are giving away a bonus to users and since one of the primary goals for which this blog was created is to dish out latest freebies and money making opportunities that involve little to no capital, we are going to be explaining the various steps to follow in order to get the free 500 Naira bonus from hope PSB.

Steps to Get Free 500 Naira On Hope PSB

Previously, one can easily get the free 500 Naira on hope PSB, but things have changed, there are certain new steps to take in order to get the bonus and they are as follows;

  • Dial *569*9# from 8am to 11am on weekdays to create the new wallet account. Reason is, creating an account outside this time frame may cause you not to receive the bonus.
  • While creating the account this time around, make sure you use female name as that is what works at the moment and make sure the names you use are valid and not careless name that even an insane person cannot bear. It is bank and as such, details should be as accurate as possible.
  • There are some other details that will required of you but none of them is sensitive. Enter the details and your Hope PSB wallet will be created and activated for transactions.
  • As soon as it gets activated, a message will be sent to your line to this effect and then you would be automatically eligible for the free welcome bonus.
  • While registering, you will be asked to enter a referral code, just enter 0 and proceed with your registration. There is no referral incentive and as such, don’t allow the code delay you.

When you are done with the initial registration, a wallet will be created for you but there will be a -200 deduction on the wallet. This is an automatic deduction; there is nothing to be worried about.

How Long Does It Take to Get 500 Naira Bonus On Hope PSB?

Based on the first set of users from my group and many other groups who signed up while the update was still in the testing phase/stage, the 500 Naira bonus was credited within 3 days. Which means after you must have created a wallet on hope PSB, you would have to wait for some days before the wallet will be credited with 500 Naira

When it gets credited with the bonus, the 200 naira deduction will take effect and you will be left with 300 naira bonus which can be used to purchase airtime or even transfer to your palmpay or Opay account as cash withdrawal.

Is Hope PSB Legit or Scam?

Hope PSB (with PSB being an abbreviation of Payment Service Bank) is an officially registered payment bank that offers similar service to the many other Fintech you know about.

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The aim is to make financial transactions smooth and easy for people who are literally tired of the stress that comes with using the conventional banks and people who wish to boycott the various charges imposed on transactions by the normal banks.

Enjoy and feel free to share this piece to friends and loved ones who are very interested in money making. Additionally, do well to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting updates.

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