Hopping io Review: Earn Money Daily Playing A Game

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Hopping.io is a gaming website where users can make as much as $10 on a daily basis when they play a very simple game for some minutes or hours on their devices. You can make up to $5-10 within the first two to three hours or consistently playing the hopping io game on your device.

In this article, we are going to have a look at all the basic details to know about hopping io, how to earn up to $10 daily playing the simple game and also going to be finding out truly if hopping io is legit or scam, hopping io withdrawal proof if any and the red flags about the platform for you to also bear that in mind. Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

About Hopping io

About hopping.io

Hopping io according to the information on their website is a rapidly expanding website that rewards users for their online activity. They claim to have implemented a radical new approach to data analysis by providing information technology companies with real user engagement while simultaneously rewarding the users for their input. To a layman, the terms used in explaining what hopping io is about may be too cumbersome to decode, so we’ll give it a layman’s explanation.

Based on my analysis, hopping io despite being a gaming platform as they claim, is a website created for users to view, click and engage with adverts and earn money. Why do I say so? The number of adverts on hopping io sells it as a platform made for users to view ads and earn money and this is not entirely bad as users also gain something from them.

Is Hopping io legit?

Trustpilot review

Hopping io is legit as at the time of publishing this article. After placing withdrawal, you will be paid as long as they don’t detect any fraudulent activity in the course of you playing the game or referring users. We learnt about hopping io yesterday and already one of my admins have placed withdrawal and got it after a couple of hours. So to answer your question, hopping io is legit and paying at the time of this publication, things may change in future but that’s not really our concern.

How to Register And Start earning money On Hopping io

  • First of all, you would need to create an account via HERE.
  • After creating the account, you will be shown an option to claim bonus i.e. a sort of welcome bonus in energy, which will enable you play the game. The energy is used to play games and when you play the game, you make some more money from hopping.
  • To play the game, simply click on the character for it to burst the mystery box. If you are lucky, the mystery box will contain some cents but if you are not lucky, it could be empty and you will need to continue playing till you run out of energy. Your money will keep increasing each time the mystery box is bursted and it contains some cents.

How to Get Unlimited Energy for Games

How to complete tasks

More energy means more chances to play and as such, there is need to accumulate more energy. The energy can be gotten via referrals or completing tasks on the platform. But the easiest method is via referring, to get your referral link, simply click on the three lines at the top left corner to see all the options and where to invite users.

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Click on it and copy your referral link, share it to friends and family members and each person that signs up with your link, you get extra energy. Recall that I said, more energy means more chance to play, so you know what it means to invite 100 referrals and they all verify their email addresses, that will give you 100 energy which can be claimed on the referral page.

Every 24 hours you get another chance to claim energy from your active referrals. So if you build a chain of active users, you may never run out of energy and indirectly, money. *winks*

Minimum Withdrawal on Hopping io and How to Place Withdrawal

How to withdraw money on hopping io

To withdraw your money on hopping, simply click on the three lines or you can click on the amount showing at the top right corner and select the cryptocurrency you’d like to withdraw, there is doge, Bitcoin, trx, eth, Litecoin.

Head to your crypto wallet and copy the address of the asset you wish to withdraw from hopping and paste it in the provided column and proceed to withdraw. You may be asked to complete a task before withdrawing to confirm your identity, click on it and complete one of the tasks on adgate, such as downloading Yowhatsapp and launching it. After completing a task, you will be allowed to withdraw the money.

Hopping.io withdrawal proof

If you are looking for a withdrawal proof to confirm the claim that hopping io is paying, then consider checking the screenshot below

Hopping.io withdrawal proof

Red Flags Of Hopping io

Hopping io may seem like a perfect and easy earning platform but it’s not a safe haven as you may think, there are some red flags or annoying things about the platform that are noteworthy.

  1. Adverts are endless on the website especially pop up ads that are highly intrusive and annoying. If you are not careful you may end up on a different page when you want to complete a simple task on the site. Sometimes, navigation becomes impossible due to the number of adverts on the site.
  2. The tasks to complete before withdrawal is needless and also stressful if the Yowhatsapp download doesn’t work. You may encounter difficulties before being able to withdraw.
  3. The withdrawal stock i.e. the amount they can pay in a day is limited. So if you don’t come early enough, the withdrawal stock may get exhausted delaying your withdrawal.

That’s all there is to know about hopping.io gaming platform. What do you think about the platform? Is it worth the stress? Feel free to share with us in the comment section and join our telegram channel and group for more interesting money making updates.

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