How To Accumulate Unlimited Airtime & Data Vintage

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Are you aware that you can actually accumulate unlimited airtime and data from Vintage? Some days ago, I found out about Vintage; an online payment platform similar to Palmpay and Opay but the only difference is that, they are yet to launch an Application.

Many people rushed the website because of the mouth watering data offers and plans on the site especially for MTN subscribers. You can purchase amazingly cheap plans from the Vintage website but there is one detail they didn’t mention on their website. Guess the information? They left out details about their Referral program, and it is this referral program that you can leverage on to accumulate unlimited data and airtime from the website. Let’s jump into the full gist properly;

How To Accumulate Airtime & Data Unlimitedly On Vintage;

For many people, this blog post would serve as a sure way of accumulating free airtime for the month of February
You don’t have to download anything, just click On The Registration Page of Vintage 
The registration is very easy, just fill in basic details and also ensure you enter a transaction pin you won’t forget easily as that will serve as a go-ahead for all your purchases.
> When you are done with the registration, the webpage will bring you to a dashboard showing your wallet balance and some account details that you can use in funding your wallet. Just click on the three lines on the top left corner and select “WALLET”. below is a screenshot guide


In the drop-down menu, you will see fund with bank transfer, fund with ATM card plus your funding history. Here it boils down to your choice but from my own analysis and opinion, it’d be more advisable for you to fund with your ATM card, reason being that, they don’t save details of your card and also it’s the easiest to avoid delays when it comes to reflection of the amount added.
> Select fund with card and input your card details, then enter the OTP that will be sent to your line for final approval of the transaction from your bank. Once you are done with this, the amount will be added but they recently introduced a new charge though, they claim it’s due to charge from monnify, that for every money added, you will be charged N50. So whatever you are adding, endeavour to add a N50 charge.
> Once you are done with this aspect, click on dashboard or Data option and buy your desired plan. Note; you can buy for all networks but MTN plans are the cheapest; so you don’t go about thinking or saying the plan is substandard” lol
Back to the main topic of discourse, how can you now accumulate free airtime and data. Recall that I mentioned referral program in the beginning part of this story, but very few know how to obtain their Referral link, so I’m going to be giving you a textual and visual guide. Click on same three lines at the top left corner again, select Account Settings, a drop-down menu will appear, just select PROFILE.  And you will be shown some key details about your profile plus your referral link. Below is a screenshot guide;

Below is what the profile page looks like;


Once you have your referral link, share it to all your friends who may be interested in purchasing the data and anyone that funds his or her wallet, you get rewarded with N50 and also when they purchase data you get rewarded. This reward is not limited to just one time, whenever your referrals fund and purchase data, you get rewarded, so you’d literally be in a form of advantageous chain, where you get rewarded for as long as the service remains and the referral program lasts.
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