How to Accumulate Unlimited Data On Palmpay App

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Palmpay free data offer as you transact

Do you know you can accumulate unlimited data bonuses on Palmpay App? Palmpay is one of the most popular fintech applications in Nigeria currently. It is a multi purpose app that doubles as a bill payment platform and a money transfer, savings and even works as a bank account in the sense that, one can actually receive and store money simply by giving out his or her palmpay phone number.

Ever since the inception of Palmpay in 2018, we have witnessed tremendous improvement and freebies coming from the application. The most interesting aspect is that, palmpay is ever working to make the app a go-to for literally everything.

Just recently, palmpay introduced the free data incentive; this feature rewards users with free data for doing transactions on the application. This is coming a short while after they introduced the recharge2cash feature that lets users trade their airtime directly for money.

In today’s article, I am going to explaining some basic things about the Palmpay free data bundle accumulation feature but before then, it is important for me to let new users know how to download and set up the Palmpay application.

How to Get Started On Palmpay

I know most of us have heard about palmpay but if you have not, simply Visit Google Playstore Directly and download the application.

After downloading, sign up with your real details, then you authenticate with your BVN, NIN or your account details. Then start performing normal day-to-day activities on the app, like sending money, buying airtime and much more to not only accumulate palmpoints and palmcoins but also to get some cashback.

How to Accumulate Unlimited Data Bundles On The Palmpay Application

Palmpay free data bonus

Basically, the chances of you accumulating data bundles is dependent on how active you are on Palmpay. According to the official information on the Palmpay App, users can earn free data bonus daily starting from when they login to the app everyday i.e. if you sign into your palmpay dashboard at least once everyday, you will be rewarded with free 4mb data.

✅ You also get free data bonus when you transact on the Palmpay App like sending money, receiving money, buying data, paying for cable TV and much more. The more transactions you perform with the more data bonus you receive.

✅ Activating OK card – palmpay’s overdraft service for the first time also fetches you free data bonus.

✅ Every Friday you get rewarded with upto 30mb when you successfully buy data bundle twice.

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So those are basically how to enjoy free data bundles from Palmpay, once you have accumulated upto 100mb or more, you can use it to buy data on your line. The promotion is set to run till 30th of September 2022.

Enjoy and get free data with the more transactions you make.

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